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June 27, 2024

Boulder County Area Agency on Aging Releases Updated Data Report

Report brings together data to help tell the story of aging and caregiving in Boulder County

Aging well in Boulder County

Boulder, Colo. - Boulder County Area Agency on Aging (BCAAA) released the updated Aging Well in Boulder County: Data Report that can be used to inform local dialogues, planning initiatives, and advocacy that will encourage and foster a more age-friendly Boulder County. The report is organized by the AARP and World Health Organization domains of Livability, which recognize the impacts of our built and social environments on healthy aging. BCAAA expanded on the eight domains of livability to include a domain focused on Disaster Preparedness. In addition, this report highlights the strengths and needs of eight subpopulations of older adults and caregivers and their unique considerations.

Boulder County’s older adult (60+) population is growing faster than ever before. The last of the Baby Boomer generation will be turning 60 in 2024. According to projections from the State Demography Office, Boulder County’s total population will increase by 15%, or around 50,000 people, from 2022 to 2050. The largest growth of an age group in this three-decade period will be in our 80+ population, projected to increase by 220%.

The report finds that, while the needs of those who are 80 and older are not homogenous, the needs change as we age. Boulder County must change and strengthen our community for this shift. The population of the United States is moving from “pyramid” to “pillar,” meaning that the distribution across age groups will be closer to equal with a changed birth rate and advances in medicine that make living longer possible. The shifts made to prepare for the increase in older adults now will positively impact generations to come.

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