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June 26, 2024

Boulder County 2025 Worthy Cause Request for Funding Application Opens June 27 for Nonprofit Human Service Agencies and Housing Authorities in Boulder County

Submissions for the 2025 Worthy Cause IV pool funding are due Aug. 28, 2024

Boulder, Colo. - Nonprofit human service agencies and housing authorities in Boulder County are encouraged to apply for capital funds through Boulder County’s 2025 Worthy Cause pool funding process that begins June 27, 2024, through Aug. 28, 2024.

The Worthy Cause Request for Funding application for 2025 pool funding is available on the Boulder County website at Applications must be submitted through Boulder County’s online application system by 4 PM on Aug. 28, 2024. Late applications will not be accepted.

During the 2017 General Election, Boulder County voters approved an extension of the Worthy Cause sales and use tax fund with 79% of the vote. The 15-year initiative allocates .05 percent of Boulder County sales and use tax revenue to Boulder County nonprofit human service agencies and housing authorities for capital projects, including the purchase of land or buildings, construction, renovation, and debt reduction. To find out more about investments made through the Worthy Cause sales and use tax, view the Worthy Cause program report at

Worthy Cause funding will be awarded to eligible nonprofit human service agencies and housing authorities through a competitive funding process, for which qualifying entities may now apply via the Request for Funding process. Awards will be made using funds generated in 2024.

Funds have been utilized in conjunction with grants and other fundraising to strengthen services in the community related to early childhood learning, family support, basic needs such as food, clothing, housing and shelter, domestic violence, and healthcare.

For more information about Worthy Cause and the application process, contact Carlene Okiyama at