Open Data Policy

Open Data Policy


As stewards of a transparent and open government, we are dedicated to providing access to public data and promoting the use of data to engage and serve persons with an interest in Boulder County.

What Open Data Is

Open Data are datasets, containing Public Records (as defined in Public Records Policy), produced by the county, provided in bulk, for download on the Internet, in machine-readable standard formats, and includes metadata (information about the data format and content). There are no restrictions on who can obtain the data or how the data is used. There is no royalty or fee to obtain the data.

Open Data are not information that is designated as sensitive, private, confidential, or exempt from disclosure under local, state or federal law.


The county recognizes there are many benefits to Open Data including: demonstrating transparency, improving public service and participation, improving effectiveness, creating efficiencies, generating economic value, promoting innovation, providing authoritative data, and providing information to people where they most often access it.

Release of Open Data

As part of the county’s commitment to Open Data, Elected Officials, Department Heads and their representatives shall determine what datasets they make available and have final approval for the release of records produced and/or maintained within their department or office as Open Data.

Feedback Loop

The county is open to public feedback regarding data accuracy, clarification on available data, and requests for additional datasets.


The county encourages outreach and collaboration within the county offices and departments and the community to promote interest in and use of Open Data.


The county makes no warranties regarding the accuracy, completeness, reliability, or suitability of Open Data. The county disclaims any liability associated with the use or misuse of Open Data. In accessing Open Data, the user fully assumes any and all risk associated with the information contained therein.


Open Data operating principles are established and approved by the county’s cross-organizational Data Community of Interest (DataCOIN). The operating principles shall be reviewed annually by DataCOIN.