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Community Infectious Disease Emergency Response (CIDER)
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Community Infectious Disease Emergency Response (CIDER)



To build relationships, describe communication processes, and create an activation structure to strengthen community capacity and response to infectious disease emergencies.


CIDER members are from key organizations that collaborate to respond to infectious disease threats that may emerge in Boulder County. Members include:

  • Experts in the field of emergency management or infectious diseases.
  • Leaders within organizations that respond to infectious disease situations and emergencies.

The individuals representing these agencies are adept at maintaining confidentiality and remaining calm during emergencies. They are committed to supporting planning and response efforts throughout the community.


CIDER members gain access to important information and help to provide valuable insight and leadership, including:

  • Assisting in developing guidance and informing decisions for community-wide responses.
  • Increasing capacity to implement response protocols within their own organizations.
  • Building relationships and collaboration among community members who will respond to infectious disease issues and emergencies.
  • Sharing and gaining timely infectious disease information.
  • Strengthening community-wide response to infectious diseases, thus reducing the burden of disease.


Boulder County Public Health (BCPH) will facilitate CIDER discussion and planning through regular communication and an annual meeting. CIDER members are expected to maintain situational awareness and attend the annual meeting.

Infectious Disease Updates

Boulder County Public Health will provide regular updates (i.e. emails, health alert faxes, conference calls) about emergent infectious disease issues or elevated cases of specific diseases or conditions, including but not limited to:

  • Epidemiologic surveillance of communicable diseases and conditions.
  • Existing guidance when it is available or emergent guidance as it unfolds (e.g. such that occurred during the recent Ebola crisis).

The timing and frequency of communications will depend on disease activity and is often in accordance with seasonal activity of diseases.

Notification of Emergency Situation and/or Activation of Response Operations

All CIDER members will be invited to create an account on the Everbridge Emergency Management notification system to receive notification of emergencies and/or response operations via text, phone, and email. During infectious disease emergencies, Boulder County Public Health will maintain situational awareness and serve as the lead agency.

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