Left Hand Creek Restoration & Recovery

The Left Hand Creek Watershed Master Plan is now complete. See the “Documents” tab to read the complete master plan.

Watershed Coalition

The Lefthand Watershed Oversight Group (LWOG) is operating the Watershed Coalition for Left Hand Creek. LWOG will be sharing information about watershed recovery projects and other activities, identifying funding opportunities, and will be implementing projects of interest to landowners and county residents.

For more information about the Left Hand Creek Watershed Master Plan please contact LWOG:

James Creek Restoration Project

Funding has been secured to restore sections of James Creek and Little James Creek. For more information, please visit the project website.

James Canyon Drive/James Creek

Left Hand Creek
Central Federal Lands (CFL) and Boulder County have completed reconstruction of Lefthand Canyon Drive, the stream restoration project, and the revegetation effort.

Beilens-Hock – Complete

Geer Creek – Complete


Master Plan Meetings and News


Community outreach meetings were held after the 2013 Flood to gather input from land owners along Left Hand Creek. See below for notes from these meetings.

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Creek Restoration and Recovery

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