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Local Improvement District

Subdivision Paving LID

Boulder County formed a Subdivision Paving Local Improvement District (LID or “District”) in 2013 to address the reconstruction of nearly 150 miles of paved roads in 118 unincorporated subdivisions. On July 25, 2014, a Boulder District Court judge invalidated the LID and ordered that all property assessments be refunded to property owners within the District.

There are no property liens and no assessments due in any year from the court-invalidated “Subdivision Paving District LID Special Assessment.”

The Boulder County Treasurer refunded all LID assessments back to property owners in 2014. Each property now shows a value of zero ($0.00) under the line item “Subdivision Paving District LID Special Assessment” on the property tax bill. A Withdrawal and Release of Liens was filed on July 31, 2014, serving as public notice that all liens created under the LID are withdrawn and released by order of the court.

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