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Transportation Master Plan Update

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Transportation Master Plan Update

Boulder County conducted an update to its Transportation Master Plan (TMP) in 2019/2020. The updated TMP reflects changes that have been made since the TMP was first developed in 2012 and will include new or trending transportation-related technology, changes in demographics, land use, travel patterns, opportunities for infrastructure and economic resiliency, and funding challenges and opportunities.

The TMP includes five key strategies that are based on the vision and goals from the Boulder County Comprehensive Plan:

  1. Develop a Multimodal Transportation System
  2. Create a Complete Trip
  3. Invest in Key Transportation Corridors
  4. Increase Accessibility
  5. Enhance Mountain Area Connections

The TMP update will include updated information on each of the five key strategies, including completed projects, updated travel patterns, and project cost estimates. In addition, we will also take a deeper look at:

  • Performance Metrics
  • Safety Improvements
  • Low-Stress Bicycle-Pedestrian Access
  • Family & School Transportation Needs
  • Affordable Living
  • Technology
  • Resiliency

Transportation Master Plan Update Goals

The main goal is to provide a clear short-, medium-, and long-term vision for the Transportation Department. The TMPU should serve as a guide for the department when determining how to seek and invest funding and deploy staff resources. The recommendations in the TMPU should be consistent with the Boulder County Comprehensive Plan and other county plans relevant to the multimodal transportation system. The TMPU should promote human-centered mobility and access strategies by removing barriers and increasing transportation system capacity for all community members including older adults, people with disabilities, low-income households, and families and youth. Performance metrics and specific investment priorities should be included where applicable, without restricting the flexibility to react to changing conditions in the future.

Project Manager

  • Stacey Proctor – email – 303-441-1107

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