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Transportation Master Plan Background

Transportation Master Plan (TMP) Background Information


The TMP describes the county’s multimodal transportation system and how it will develop over the next 25 years. This long-range plan discusses where people are traveling now and where they’ll be going in the future. It focuses on travel within Boulder County and to other places in the region. The challenge is to facilitate this travel in a manner that is affordable, responsive to anticipated needs and changes, and consistent with Boulder County goals and policies.

The TMP identifies programs, services, and facilities that Boulder County will implement to help people get where they need to go in a safe, efficient, and environmentally sensitive manner. Investments in the transportation system include improvements to the county’s transportation corridors and bicycle, pedestrian, transit, and roadway networks. They also include programs and services to improve access to transportation, ensure that the system is maintained, and provide options for different ways to travel. The TMP will include recommendations in these different areas.

How the Original Plan was Developed

The development of the original TMP included four phases, all designed to ensure that public feedback influences the plan’s recommendations:

  • Issue Identification to learn what transportation issues are important to the residents of boulder county and help define what the plan should address (Winter/Spring 2011);
  • Issue Analysis to further understand the key transportation issues identified in the first phase of the planning process (Spring/Summer 2011);
  • Draft Plan to determine how to address the key planning issues and develop preliminary recommendations for public review (Fall 2011-Spring 2012); and,
  • Final Plan to review public input on the draft plan, incorporate it into the plan, and present the final plan to elected officials, including the Board of County Commissioners.

Public Involvement activities, including opportunities to provide input into the plan, took place during every planning phase.

The Consortium of Cities convened the Sustainable Transportation Task Force, which consisted of staff representatives from the communities within Boulder County, adjacent counties, and transportation agencies. The task force met throughout the planning process to help develop recommendations for the master plan.

The Board of County Commissioners adopted the Transportation Department’s original Transportation Master Plan(TMP) on Dec. 11, 2012.

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