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Alternative Sentencing Facility Construction

Alternative Sentencing Facility (ASF) Design & Construction

The Public Works Department’s Building Services Division is responsible for the design, construction, and maintenance of the soon-to-be-constructed alternative sentencing facility (ASF), which will be located on Airport Road in Boulder on the lot of the Boulder County Jail. Prior to beginning design, staff researched other similar facilities and conducted interviews with those who operate and maintain the buildings to ensure that best practices were incorporated in the design. In addition, staff spoke with the county teams who would be responsible for the day-to-day operation of the facility’s programs to ensure that their needs and wants were also factored into the building when complete.

When complete, the 55,626 square-foot ASF will be able to house up to 252 offenders who have been sentenced to one of the county’s community-based sentencing programs (i.e., work release, community corrections). The building will also have community-based classrooms, several day rooms, and support spaces.

The exterior of the building will use construction materials that are similar to those used for the Emergency Operations Center/Communications Center, the Detox Building, and the new Administration Building.

Anticipated Construction Schedule

  • Construction Start – Construction began in July 2023
  • Construction Completion – 18-month anticipated construction schedule

Lot Layout

Alternative Sentencing Facility lot layout

Project Renderings

Alternative Sentencing Facility building rendering looking west

Alternative Sentencing Facility building rendering looking southwest

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