Special Event Permit for County Property

Special Event Permit for County Property (non road)

COVID-19 and Special EventsBoulder County historic courthouse on Pearl Street in Boulder

The following policy is in place until further notice:

  • All event dates and event concepts (both original, postponed, and rescheduled) are subject to current health guidelines, declarations, and available resources, noting that all future events may be subject to cancellation, postponement, and/or reduced size, scope, and activities.

When is a Special Event Permit Required for Use of County Facilities?

  • A Special Event Permit for use of County Property, such as the courthouse lawn, is required whenever 25 people or more are expected to gather on or at a county property. These permits ensure that all events protect the health, safety, and welfare of event participants, the general public, and citizens.
  • Complete an application and submit it with the fee by mail or drop off at the Public Works Admin Building (information bottom of this webpage).

What are the application submittal deadlines for use of a county facility (non roadway)?

  • At least 10 days prior and not more than 180 days before the proposed event.

What fees are required?

  • A $50 application fee, payable by check, must be provided with the application.

What are the submittal requirements?

  • A complete application with application fee ($50 check).

Is insurance required?

  • Yes. The event host must obtain the policy and Boulder County must be named as the certificate holder.

Can my event provide or sell liquor?

  • Only events hosted by Downtown Boulder, Inc. are currently allowed to provide liquor at events held on county property.

For More Information:

  • Contact Boulder County Public Works via email or call 303-441-3900
  • Visit the Public Works Building at:
    • 2525 13th Street, Second Floor
    • Boulder, CO 80304
    • Offices are open Tuesdays and Thursdays 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

This information pertains to obtaining a permit to hold an event on county-owned property, such as the Boulder Courthouse lawn on Pearl Street. Information on how to obtain a permit to use county roads for an event such as a race or a block party can be found here.

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