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Trip Tracker depends on its volunteers.

Learn how you can help.

Trip Tracker Program promotion (registration and reporting) and Tracker Buck Distribution Days are managed by parent volunteers. Each school has a core team of 2 or 3 parent volunteers, but sometimes extra help is needed for special events, like Bike Rodeos!

Trip Tracker Depends on DonationsTrip Tracker Program

  • Financially – Help the program sustain itself and grow! On average, Trip Tracker schools cost $3,000 each per year. Consider sponsoring a school or helping a parent volunteer.
  • Goods – Help provide prizes and SWAG for volunteers, school competitions, distributions, etc.
  • Services – Do you have a skill or service that might be able to help keep costs down? Let us know!

Become or Suggest a New Trip Tracker Participating Business

Provide Feedback

Suggestions can be invaluable. Contact the Trip Tracker Coordinator (info below) to let us know what you think could help the program.

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