People accessing a variety of transit options

Boulder County Transit

Why Transit Matters

Transit serves as the backbone of our transportation system and is essential for Boulder County to achieve our social equity and sustainability goals.

Boulder County’s transit system strives to connect residents with key activity centers – including education, employment, healthcare, human services, recreation, and retail – and gives travelers a reliable and convenient transportation option for everyday travel needs. Boulder County’s transit network provides more than eight million annual trips across all of its local and regional transit services. These services included fixed-route bus service (regional, local, and recreational) and demand-responsive service (on-demand, paratransit, hybrid connector).

Boulder County invests considerable resources in local and regional transit to

  • Provide viable travel options throughout the county and beyond,
  • Advance equity and affordable living,
  • Help improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and
  • Reduce wear and tear on roads.

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