Stage 1 fire restrictions, enacted for unincorporated areas of western Boulder County.

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Cyclist-Motorist Community Working Group

In an attempt to find solutions to make travel safer for both cyclists and motorists using area roads, Boulder County convened a cyclist/motorist community working group in mid-June 2014 to share opinions and ideas.

Over the course of several meetings, local cyclists, area residents, and law enforcement and emergency services personnel joined Boulder County Transportation staff to discuss ways to improve safety on Boulder County roads.

The group discussed their diverse viewpoints and opinions, examined new communication tools and tactics to share information, and studied potential engineering solutions that might help everyone share the road during flood recovery and permanent reconstruction.

Ideas that came out of the meetings include:

  • New signage that request cyclists to ride single-file at all times on canyon roads
  • Temporary and permanent striping solutions
    • Temporary – Striping and possible “sharrow” pilot project that will let cyclists and motorist know when a shoulder is about to end, which will require shared use of the available lanes for both modes
  • Engineering ideas to incorporate during the planning and engineering and design of permanent canyon repairs
    • Climbing lanes
    • Rest areas for cyclists
  • Communication tactics
  • Visit the Safe Cycling on Boulder County Canyon Roads website to learn how bikes and cars can safely navigate these roads together.

Working Group Participants:

Sgt. Lance Enholm – Boulder County Sheriff’s Office
Shawn Wycoff – Colorado State Patrol
JR Greninger – Colorado State Patrol
Betsy Jacobsen – CDOT
Brett Gibson – Four Mile Fire Department
Chris O’Brien – Left Hand Fire
Russel Leadingham – Left Hand Fire
Mayor Tara Schoedinger – Jamestown
Rebecca Lawrence – Resident – Inter-Mountain Alliance
Pete Lawrence – Resident
Evan Freirich – Community Cycles
Russell Chandler – Cyclists4Community
Rob Andrew – Cyclists4Community/Wednesday Morning Velo
Ed Kuh – Cyclists4Community
Jens Husted – Cyclists4Community
John Tarkington – Resident
Rainbow Schultz – Jamestown Mercantile Owner
Chuck Gray – Resident

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