Identification Accepted for Birth & Death Certificates

Identification Accepted for Birth & Death Certificates

Required Identification

All requests for birth and death records must be accompanied by a photocopy of the requestor’s identification before processing. We require:

  • At least one document from the Primary List


  • At least two documents from the Secondary List

Primary Identification List

All items presented must be currently valid. Expired items and undated items drop to the secondary listing. Documents that do not contain either an issue date or an expiration date will not be considered acceptable.

  • Alien Registration Receipt or Permanent Resident Card (INS I-151 or I-551)
  • Certificate of US Citizenship (N-560-561)
  • City of Denver/Denver County Jail Temporary Inmate ID
  • CO Department of Corrections ID card
  • CO Temporary Driver’s License; MUST be within 30 days period, MUST be issued by Colorado DMV
  • Department of Human Services Youth Corrections ID
  • Employment Authorization Card (I-766)
  • Foreign Passport
  • Government Work ID
  • Job Corps ID card
  • Photo Driver License
  • Photo ID card (DMV)
  • School, University, or College ID card
  • Temporary Resident Card (I-688, I668A, or I-688B)
  • US B1/B2 Visa Card PLUS I-94
  • US Certificate of Naturalization N-550/570
  • US Citizenship ID card (I-197)
  • US Military Identification Card
  • US Passport Book or Card

Secondary Identification List

Any item that it expired or undated will be examined closely. If there is any doubt regarding its authenticity, it will be rejected. Expired documents may only be used as a secondary document if they have expired within 6 months of the current date.

  • Acknowledgement of Paternity document
  • US Birth certificate of the applicant
  • Court order for adoption or name change
  • Craft or trade license
  • DD-214
  • Divorce decree
  • Colorado Gaming License
  • Hospital Birth Worksheet
  • Colorado Hunting or Fishing license
  • IRS-TIN Card
  • Marriage License/Certificate
  • Medicare Card
  • Merchant Mariner Card
  • Mexican Voter Registration Card
  • Motor Vehicle Registration or Title
  • Pilot License
  • State, Territorial, or Federal prison ID or Correction card
  • US Selective Service card
  • Social Security Card
  • Weapon or gun permit
  • Work ID, Paycheck Stub, Pay Statement, or W-2

Not Acceptable Under Any Circumstances

  • Birth Certificates issued by Foreign Governments
  • City and County Detention Center ID cards
  • CO Temporary Drivers License Renewal Form
  • Matricula Consular (Consular ID) Cards
  • Medicaid Cards
  • Novelty ID cards
  • Property Tax Receipt
  • Social Services WIC Card/Check
  • Souvenir Birth Certificates
  • Temporary Driver’s License or Temporary State ID cards
  • Tribal ID Cards
  • Undated Documents
  • Veterans Universal Access ID card

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