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Foreclosure File Abbreviations

Foreclosure File Abbreviations

Document Name Abbreviation
Agricultural Certificate AGC
Affidavit of Outstanding Principal Balance Due and Owing AOP
Affidavit Regarding Bankruptcy ARBK
Affidavit of Publication PROOF
Attorney Bill ATTYBILL
Bankruptcy Relief BKRELIEF
Bid from Attorney BID
Certificate of Mailing – Publication MAILPUB
Certificate of Mailing – Rights to Cure or Redeem MAILRIGHTS
Certificate of Purchase COP
Certificate of Purchase Assignment ACP
Certificate of Redemption Assignment ACR
Certificate of Redemption – Owner CORO
Certificate of Redemption – Lienor CORL
Court Order CTO
Certification of the Owner and Holder of the Evidence of Debt CERTOWNER
Combined Notice CN
Combined Notice Amended CAN
Combined Notice Restarted CNR
Combined Notice Erroneous Sale CNES
Combined Notice Rescinded and Rescheduled CNRS
Corporate Surety Bond LIB
Cure Figures CUREFIGS
Deed of Trust Original DOT
DOT Certified Copy CERTDOT
DOT Photo Copy CDOT
DOT/Note Certificate of Qualified Holder CERTQH
“Exhibit “”A”” / legal description attachment” EXHIBITA
Foreclosure Information Sheet FCINFO
Foreclosure Referral COVER
Intent to Cure ICURE
Intent to Redeem Lienor IREDL
Intent to Redeem Owner IREDO
Loan Modification NOTEMOD
Mailing List – Amended MLA
Mailing List – Original MLA
Mailing List – Restarted MLR
Mailing List – Supplemental MLS
Mailing List – Rescinded Sale MLRS
Motion Setting Aside the Sale MSAS
Note Certified Copy CNOTE
Notice of Election and Demand NED
Notice of Public Trustee Sale Republished REPUB
Notice of Rights to Cure or Redeem NOTEMOD
Notice of Rights to Cure or Redeem – Amended ANOR
Notice of Sale NOS
Notice of Sale Amended ANOS
Order Authorizing Sale OAS
Public Trustee Deed PTD
Quit Claim Deed QCD
Rescission of Sale Notice NRS
Receipt of FC docs RECEIPT
Warranty Deed WD
Withdrawal of Notice of Election and Demand WDRL

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