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Eldorado Springs Townsite Planning
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Eldorado Springs Townsite


In February 2007, the Boulder County Land Use Department (now the Community Planning & Permitting Department) held an open house for Eldorado Springs townsite residents to participate in a discussion about zoning and community character. At the open house, the Land Use Department stated that it had become increasingly apparent to staff and residents that the current zoning regulations did not “fit” the actual land use and property configurations in Eldorado Springs. This meant that in most cases if someone wanted to expand or change anything on their property that would require a permit from the Land Use Department, they would have to go through a variance or other application processes and hearings. These steps are viewed by some as time consuming, complicated and potentially expensive. In addition, there was concern for the growing phenomenon of scrape-offs (the complete removal of an existing home which is often replaced by a much larger home) in the county, which could have a significant negative impact on the character of the community. Finally, there was acknowledgment that the construction of a new Eldorado Springs wastewater treatment facility for the townsite could lead to new development which had the potential to negatively impact community character.

It is in this context that the Boulder County Land Use Department began working with Eldorado Springs townsite residents to create a Townsite Plan and new land use regulations that recognize and help preserve the existing character of the community while also allowing for improvements to properties and addressing other issues that might arise during the process.

The townsite planning process was divided into two phases. Phase One involved over eight community meetings to develop the objectives and goals that would be used to provide broad policy guidance to the County, residents and other entities. On April 15, 2009, the Boulder County Planning Commission adopted the Eldorado Springs Townsite Plan.

Phase two of this process was to implement the goals and policies of the newly adopted Townsite Plan through amendments to the Land Use Code. Visit the Land Use Code Update: Eldorado Springs Townsite Plan page for more information.

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Boulder County and Colorado Parks & Wildlife is offering shuttle bus service on weekends and holidays this summer and fall to carry passengers from Boulder to Eldorado Canyon State Park. Read more…

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The Eldorado Springs Local Improvement District Advisory Committee (ESLIDAC) pertains to the Waste Water Treatment Facility and acts as a communication link between the ratepayers and residents of the ESLID I and II, the service providers who provide operations and administrative services to the districts.

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