Sales Report Codes & Descriptions

Sales Report Codes & Descriptions

Sales report codes and descriptions for recent property sales lists:

Field Name Description
3/4_BATHS Bathroom with a toilet, sink, shower
ABOVE_GRADE_SQFT Residential square footage above ground
ACCOUNTNO Assessor’s account number
ACCTTYPE This indicates the type of property included on an account (residential, commercial, mixed use, tax exempt, etc)
ADDRESS1 First line of owner’s mailing address (this field is sometimes used as a second owner name field)
ADDRESS2 Second line of owner’s mailing address
APPROXIMATE_LAND_SIZE Approximate (not survey quality) land size as derived from GIS
BEDROOMS number of bedrooms
BLDG building number (indicates when multiple buildings or multiple uses are listed on one account)
BLDG_CLASSIFICATION a general description of the building
BLDG_SQFT square footage of the building
CITY City for owner’s mailing address
CONDONAME name of the condominium community
DESIGN building design style
FINISHED_BSMT_SQFT square footage of the residential finished basement
FULL_BATHS bathroom with a toilet, sink, bathtub
GARAGE_SQFT square footage of the garage
GRANTEE person or persons who bought the property in the sale transaction
GRANTOR person or persons who sold the property in the sale transaction
HALF_BATHS bathroom with toilet and sink only
LAND_CLASSIFICATION a general description of the land type
LOCCITY the city or general area where the property is located within the county
OWNER_NAME Owner of the property as of the last date the report was run – if there is “et al” in this line, that means there are more owners
NBHD Neighborhood number indicating a general area where the property is located – used in the Assessor’s office to group properties geographically. Generally this is a 3-digit number except for mixed use neighborhoods which are a 6-digit number (the 3-digit commercial neighborhood number followed by the 3-digit residential number).
PARCELNB parcel number – a 12-digit number that is unique for each parcel of land (not necessarily unique for each building)
PROPERTY_ADDRESS the situs address of the property – not necessarily the same as the mailing address
RECEPTION_NO reception number is the document number assigned to recorded documents by the Clerk & Recorder
SALE_DATE date that the sale occurred
SALE_PRICE sale price as indicated on the deed
STATE State for owner’s mailing address
SUBDIVISION subdivision in which the property is located – those with tract descriptions, e.g. “TR NBHD 122” are not in platted subdivisions
UNFINISHED_BSMT_SQFT square footage of residential unfinished basement
UNIT_COUNT number of units in an apartment building
UNIT_SQFT square footage of a condominium unit
YEAR_BUILT year that the structure was built
ZIPCODE Zip code for owner’s mailing address

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