Income and Expense Questionnaire

Income and Expense Questionnaire

Form & Instructions

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the information that I provide used to value properties?

The information that is gathered from the returned questionnaires is entered into a database and is collectively analyzed to determine market data on typical rents and expenses in your area.

Should I include my mortgage payments, interest and depreciation in the list of expenses?

Mortgage payments, interest and depreciation should not be included on the list of expenses. Only recurring expenses required to maintain and operate the leased property should be included.

Typical property operating expenses are: condominium dues, cleaning/maintenance, utilities, grounds/security, insurance, property management salaries, leasing commission, property advertising, repairs, property taxes and reserves for replacement.

What is a Pass-Through reimbursed expense?

These are expenses that are paid directly by the landlord or property manager and then reimbursed by the tenant to the owner.

I paid for a capital improvement to the property last year, such as a new roof, parking lot or heating/cooling unit. Should I include this payment in my operating expenses?

Capital improvements have a life expectancy of more than one year. The cost should be amortized over the improvement’s life time.

I have the requested information in a year-end statement format. Is that appropriate to provide?

The Assessor’s Office accepts the income and expense information in different formats. Please attach your statement in whatever format you have to our survey and return the confidential information to our office. Your statement needs to reflect only the building(s) stated on the survey form. Provide contact information on the form so we can call someone if we have any questions.

Is the information I provide kept confidential?

All information provided in response to this questionnaire is kept in strict confidence by our office. This information is not included in any public records and is not open to inspection by the public.

If I still have questions on how to fill out this questionnaire, may I talk to someone?

If you still have questions about how to fill out the questionnaire, please contact our office at 303-441-3530.

Is it mandatory that I fill out this questionnaire?

The Assessor is required to send out Income and Expense Questionnaires. The information is very important in order to provide accurate and equalized assessments. You are not required to fill out this questionnaire, but your assistance with this information is very helpful and appreciated.

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