2019 Ballot Issue
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2019 Coordinated Election - County Ballot Issues

Note: This page lists only the ballot issues put forward by Boulder County. Visit Elections or your choice of third-party websites for other ballot content.

The Board of County Commissioners has approved one county-specific issue to be referred to the ballot for the Nov. 5, 2019, coordinated election:

A proposal extending the term limits from three to five consecutive terms for the office of the Boulder County Coroner.

Resolution 2019-75

Ballot Title

COUNTY QUESTION 1A (Coroner Term Limit Extension to Five Terms):

Shall the term limits for the office of Coroner of Boulder County, as imposed by state law and in Article XVIII, Section 11, of the Colorado Constitution and later modified by the voters of the county to authorize three consecutive terms, be further modified to permit an elected officeholder in that office to seek and, if elected, serve a maximum of five consecutive terms?

YES _____ NO _____

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