Component Unit Financial Statements

About Component Units

Boulder County has seven component units which are legally separate from the county, but are included in the county’s Annual Comprehensive Financial Report as component units due to the relationship between the county and these organizations. Each of these organizations also separately issue complete financial statements, which are included here for reference purposes.

Financial statements for the most recent five years of available data are provided below. For statements from previous years, please contact the individual organizations at the locations listed below.

Financial Statements

Boulder County Public Health

3450 North Broadway
Boulder, CO, 80304
(303) 441-1100

2022 BCPH Financial Statement
2021 BCPH Financial Statement
2020 BCPH Financial Statement
2019 BCPH Financial Statement
2018 BCPH Financial Statement

Tungsten Village, LLC

2525 13th Street, Suite 204
Boulder, CO, 80304
(303) 441-3929

2022 Tungsten Village Financial Statement
2021 Tungsten Village Financial Statement
2020 Tungsten Village Financial Statement

Coffman Place, LLC

2525 13th Street, Suite 204
Boulder, CO, 80304
(303) 441-3929

2022 Coffman Place Financial Statement

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2020 13th St.
Boulder, CO 80302
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