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Continuing Disclosure

Continuing Disclosure

In connection with the issuance of municipal securities, Boulder County has agreed to provide certain continuing disclosure for the benefit of the holders of such securities. The commitments to provide such disclosure, commonly referred to as “continuing disclosure undertakings,” have been undertaken in conformity with the requirements established by Rule 15c2-12 under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. Rule 15c2-12 was in effect at the time of issuance and in effect at the time of execution and delivery of each continuing disclosure undertaking. The information provided through the continuing disclosure undertakings, is meant to supplement and complement information found within Boulder County’s Annual Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) and is not intended to be viewed as a fully inclusive compliance document.

Boulder County’s Commitment to Financial Transparency and Accountability

Boulder County reaffirms its commitment to provide, on an annual basis, secondary market disclosure in conformity with the continuing disclosure undertakings entered into in connection with the primary offering of its municipal securities. Specifically, the county continues to meet its obligation to provide to the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board – through its single centralized repository – annual financial information and operating data as identified in its continuing disclosure undertakings, and remains alert to the requirements that the county make timely notice of identified material events.

The Continuing Disclosure information can be found in our Boulder County Continuing Disclosure Document 2016, or at www.emma.msrb.org.


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