Stage 1 fire restrictions, enacted for unincorporated areas of western Boulder County.

Economic Development
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Economic Development

Boulder County is a remarkable place to live, work and play. Boulder County government’s economic, social and environmental efforts contribute to the high quality of life that attracts highly skilled workers and diverse, lucrative industries. On this page, you will find information about our economic development activities and links to our partners and helpful resources to help you or your business thrive in Boulder County.

Quality of Life

Employers often tell us that Boulder County’s incredible quality of life and excellent workforce are why businesses locate and stay in the county. Boulder County government supports our high quality of life by:

  • Investing in transportation, including multimodal and transit.
  • Advancing energy infrastructure and energy efficiency to support existing businesses and future economic development and job growth.
  • Maintaining and enhancing trails and open space, and continuing to conserve and protect public lands and critical habitats.
  • Reducing waste through recycling, composting and other affordable, accessible programs.
  • Implementing forest health efforts that address infestation and disease, wildfire and other issues.
  • Supporting a social safety net that enables our residents to obtain and maintain employment and achieve self-sufficiency through access to job training, child care, housing and other supports.

Helpful Resources

These resources are available to help support and promote business activities in Boulder County:

Economic Development Agencies

Since the Boulder County Comprehensive Plan supports economic development efforts within each local community instead of unincorporated Boulder County, each community takes a leadership role in directing their own efforts. Here are links to Economic Development agencies within each Boulder County municipality:

Boulder County Business Programs and Services

These programs and services sponsored by Boulder County are available as resources to local businesses:

Workforce Boulder County

Whether you are searching for the right person to fill a position, researching the local labor market, or exploring professional development opportunities for existing staff, Workforce Boulder County…

  • Single point of contact for recruitment, screening, training and staffing needs.
  • Recruitment and screening, with the largest database in the region for posting jobs or searching for qualified applicants.
  • Job training services to give staff and new hires the skills they need.
  • Hiring incentives to help offset training costs or access to fully paid interns.
  • Data about industry trends and other information, such as targeted wage data, labor market information, tax credit programs, and labor laws.

For more information, contact 303-651-1510 in Longmont, or 303-301-2900 in Boulder, or visit the Workforce Boulder County website.


Schedule a free EnergySmart Assessment for your business to identify energy-saving opportunities.

Your business not only will save money by reducing energy costs, but also can lower maintenance costs, increase employee productivity, and generate positive PR for your business. And to help implement energy-saving measures, Elevations Credit Union business energy loans offer fixed-rate, low-interest financing for energy efficiency and renewable energy upgrades.

Contact 303-441-1300 or visit the Energy Smart website for more information.

Eco Pass Program

Eco Pass is an annual transit pass purchased by a company and its employees or a collection of residences. Eco Pass is tax deductible to employers and tax free to employees. Business Eco Pass cardholders can use the Guaranteed Ride Home program free of charge in the event of an emergency, illness or unexpected schedule change.
Boulder County offers a multi-year Eco Pass discount to all businesses and neighborhoods signing up for their initial EcoPass.

Funding for Local Economic Development Chambers and Councils

As described in the Boulder County Comprehensive Plan, Boulder County adheres to the philosophy that growth should be channeled to municipalities. In support of economic development in our towns and municipalities, Boulder County has a long-standing tradition of contributing financially through economic development grants to local chambers of commerce, economic councils, the Small Business Development Center, and other economic development organizations.

Contact Us

For more information, contact Yvette Bowden, Deputy County Administrator, at or 720-864-6582.