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Workforce Boulder County Innovation Funds

Due Date: 10/29/2021 2:00 pm
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Boulder County Board of County Commissioners, on behalf of Workforce Boulder County and the Boulder County Workforce Development Board (BCWDB), are seeking proposals for the Workforce Innovation Grant Program (Innovation Grants) under Colorado House Bill 21-1264.

The purpose of the Innovation Grants is to provide innovation in order to improve outcomes for learners and workers, including underserved populations, by promoting partnership and helping prepare Coloradans for well-paying, quality jobs.


On June 23, 2021, Colorado House Bill 21-1264 was signed into law by Governor Jared Polis. The bill appropriated $75 million in federal funds from the American Rescue Plan to support talent development. This includes $60 million to the Colorado Workforce Development Council to invest in programs and grants that support training for the unemployed and underemployed during times of substantial unemployment.

The Innovation Grants compose $35 million of this stimulus package. Of this amount, $17,500,000 will be distributed by formula to local workforce boards to award funds to eligible applicants through a competitive process. Workforce Boulder County received $1,029,444 to contract out to local grant applicants.

This RFP was created in response to Colorado House Bill 21-1264 described above. Vendors are strongly encouraged to read Program Guidance Letter GRT-2021-02 issued by the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment that outlines the vision for the Innovation Grant.

Colorado’s unemployment rate remains higher than pre-COVID levels, and the impacts of low-quality jobs and demands for skilled workers create stress within the labor market. Of particular focus in the legislation are the following three key driving messages:

  • Supporting work-based learning, skill development, training completion, and quality job placement
  • Supporting employers and small business to mitigate financial hardships resulted from the public health emergency or providing greater opportunities for communities disproportionately affected by COVID-19 to engage in talent development.
  • Increasing participation by underserved communities including, but not limited to, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, people with disabilities, New Americans, criminal justice involved, and older workers.

Period of Performance

One hundred percent (100%) of the allocation must be expended by December 31, 2024.

Eligible Applicants

Grant applicants must conduct business in Boulder County with a physical presence in the area. The following entities are eligible to apply for Innovation Grants:

  1. Public and Private Sector Employers, Employer Organization, or Trade Associations
  2. Apprenticeship Sponsors
  3. Community-Based Organizations
  4. Colorado Workforce Centers
  5. Formalized Sector Partnerships recognized by the CWDC

Eligible applicants may apply in partnership with sub-applicants, including higher education, libraries, K-12 Local Education Agencies (LEAs) or Boards of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES), adult education programs, proprietary (private) training providers, economic development corporations, and non-profit organizations. Applicants are encouraged to apply with partners that support transformative strategies focused on systemic alignment with the Colorado Workforce Center ecosystem.

Written Inquiries

All inquiries regarding this RFP will be submitted via email to the Boulder County Purchasing Office at on or before 2:00 p.m. October 13, 2021. A response from the county to all inquiries will be posted and sent via email no later than October 19, 2021.

Do not contact any other county department or personnel with questions or for information regarding this solicitation.

Submittal Instructions

Submittals are due at the email box only, listed below, for time and date recording on or before 2:00 p.m. Mountain Time on October 29, 2021.

Please note that email responses to this solicitation are limited to a maximum of 50MB capacity.


RFP #7271-21

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