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Bidding Opportunity

Outdoor Warning Siren Replacement

Due Date: 04/27/2024 2:00 pm
Bidding Number: RFP-051-24
Bidding Categories: Sheriff
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In 2023 Boulder County accepted the Department of Justice Community Oriented Policing Services Grant for $1,000, 080 dollars. The financial structure to manage the grant has been established and access to the grant management system is confirmed. The recommended use for the grant funding is to replace existing siren locations and if funding is available include a portable siren system in the grant scope. The importance of completing a replacement of all county sirens is to keep one operating system in place. If a partial replacement is done, there will be multiple operating systems based on the legacy system and a new siren operating system. To achieve total replacement a cost share model is the only way to fairly execute a full siren replacement program with this grant funding.

Proposal design

The grant can be used for replacement of existing siren systems and the cost for replacement shall determine how many sirens can be replaced. The scope of work should specify the work needed to replace a siren location and vendors should provide full costs to purchase the new siren system, implement the launch operating system’s software, list of equipment provided with each siren, the removal cost estimate of existing sirens and installation cost of the new outdoor system. Proposals shall also include specifications of the system being proposed, siren coverage maps, acoustics at all distances of the sirens reach, decibel levels and maintenance costs expected per year. If the vendor has a portable siren system the operating characteristics, maintenance and cost should also be included in the proposal.

The outdoor siren system should include solar power and an AC charging system located on rooftops and or steel poles or existing structures where possible. The outdoor sirens should be capable of connecting to multiple platforms to provide a robust, redundant high availability command and control connection. The system can be activated in emergency situations by authorized stakeholders from a computer, mobile phone, or from the system cabinet.

The Speaker Activation Software should be cloud based, monitors and activates the speakers from all call, to quadrants, zones, groups or individually from a computer or smart phone. The software can store pre-recorded tones and messages at the speaker, on the software or in a mobile app for easy activation. More importantly, the software allows for live Public Address for flexible voice announcements.

Posting Information RFP-051-24