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Bidding Opportunity
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Lafayette FlexRide

Due Date: 04/29/2020 2:00 pm
Bidding Number: RFP #7135-20
Bidding Categories: Community Planning and Permitting
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On-demand public transit services such as FlexRide provide older adults, people with disabilities, and other vulnerable populations with affordable transportation services. Unfortunately, Lafayette is one of the few communities in Boulder County that does not currently have FlexRide. The City of Lafayette has a disproportionately high percentage of vulnerable populations. In 2018, 34% of the Lafayette population was over 60 years old and 18% identified as Hispanic or Latino.

In 2018 Boulder County’s Mobility for All program conducted a countywide transportation Needs Assessment to better understand gaps in transportation for low-income, disabled and older adult populations. This analysis revealed that transit options are lacking in Lafayette and that many Lafayette residents were taking expensive taxi trips to medical appointments. This high cost in transportation leads to inaccessibility for older adults, people with disabilities, and Lafayette’s vulnerable populations.

It is believed that a new FlexRide service could connect these populations and other Lafayette residents with social and community services like the Lafayette Public Library, Boulder County Housing Authority developments, the Lafayette Senior Center, Clinica Family Health Center, as well as Sister Carmen Community Center Food Pantry, which would help residents overcome food insecurity.

The financing for this project is made possible through two sources. Half of the funding comes from Boulder County’s Transit and Trails Sales Tax that was passed by the Boulder County electorate in 2007. These funds are used on projects throughout the county to improve regional and local mobility for county residents, employees and visitors. The second half of funding comes from DRCOG’s Human Service Transportation grant funds which are targeted to specifically improve mobility for seniors, low-income populations, persons with disabilities and other populations with restricted mobility. Boulder County is entering into an agreement with DRCOG specifying how the grant funds shall be spent and evaluated. While it is ultimately Boulder County’s responsibility to meet the DRCOG requirements, the Contractor will also need to be familiar with these requirements. More specifics are provided below.

Written Inquiries

All inquiries regarding this RFP will be submitted via email to the Boulder County Purchasing Office at on or before 2:00 p.m. April 9, 2020. A response from the county to all inquiries will be posted and sent via email no later than April 13, 2020.

Please do not contact any other county department or personnel with questions or for information regarding this solicitation.

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RFP #7135-20

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