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Business Analysis & Comprehensive Plan – Emergency Communications Center

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The Sheriff’s Communications Center (BCCC) is one of four Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP) within Boulder County, providing dispatching services for seven (7) law enforcement agencies, twenty-three (23) fire departments/districts, five (5) rescue/ambulance organizations, in addition to other specialized functions that require unique system configuration (e.g., Coroner’s Office, Public Works, nine (9) different ambulance companies that respond with fire districts, etc.) or utilize the communications enterprise. The BCCC operates a hybrid-radio system of narrowband VHF and digital 700/800MHz for its land mobile radio (LMR) communication system. The Sheriff’s Office owns[1] and maintains all VHF-related infrastructure and utilizes Consolidated Communications Network of Colorado (CCNC) for access to the State of Colorado’s trunked DTR radio system. The BCCC is one of four PSAPs funded, in part, through the Boulder Regional Emergency Telephone Service Authority (BRETSA), which is governed by a board of directors. Law enforcement user agencies currently cost share operational and personnel costs based upon the existing Communications Center structure and budget; all other user agencies do not currently fund or cost-share any portion of services. Prior to 2000, the BCCC was combined with the City of Boulder PSAP, operating as the Boulder Regional Communications Center (BRCC). To date, a comprehensive business analysis of the BCCC has never been undertaken. The resulting study will be incorporated into the development of a strategic plan for the BCCC and its supporting structure to ensure both fiscal and organizational system viability long-term.

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RFQQ 7153-20

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