Bidding Opportunity

Bilingual and Bicultural Therapeutic Services

Due Date: 06/28/2024 2:00 pm
Bidding Number: SOQ-080-24
Bidding Categories: Housing and Human Services
Other Comments:

The purpose of this solicitation is to accept proposals from applicants who provide bilingual and bicultural therapeutic services.

Boulder County Department of Housing and Human Services (BCDHHS) and the Integrated Managed Partnership for Adolescent and Child Community Treatment (IMPACT) Partnership are dedicated to supporting and sustaining healthy communities that strengthen individuals and families while promoting human dignity and hope for the future. We believe in co-creating solutions for complex family and community challenges by fully, effectively, and efficiently integrating health, housing, and human services to strengthen the broad range of Social Determinants of Health, in turn generating a more self-sufficient, sustainable, and resilient community. BCDHHS and IMPACT are dedicated to providing therapeutic services and modalities that are Evidence-Based Practices or modalities that research supports as promising practices and have demonstrated outcomes.

  1. In Boulder County, race matters. We center race in our equity work because we know historically and currently, race is the biggest predictor of disproportionate outcomes and disparities in the United States of America. Good government is impossible without racial equity. In 2018, the Board of County Commissioners with the full support of county and racial equity leadership, made transformational racial equity one of the county’s strategic priorities.
  2. The future vision of this institution is one that has overcome systemic racism and all other forms of oppression. The recognition of the impact of racism on the need for intentional efforts toward eliminating racism is foundational to transformational equity work. To that end, Boulder County’s institution of government will reflect full participation and shared power with diverse racial, cultural and economic groups in determining its mission, structure, constituency, policies and practices. A place where members of all identity groups are full participants in decisions that shape the institution for full inclusion of diverse races, cultures, lifestyles and interests.
  3. BCDHHS/IMPACT is seeking proposals from qualified providers to contract for one or more of the following specialized services:
  • Therapeutic Sexual Abuse Treatment
  • Substance Abuse Treatment
  • Therapeutic Visitation
  • Behavioral services/coaching
  • Intensive In-Home Family Therapeutic Services
  • In-Home Family Preservation Services or Removal Prevention services
  • Individual Therapy with Specialization in Trauma
  • Attachment and Adoption Preservation Services
  • Division of Youth Services (DYS)
  • Sexual Abuse Treatment Services

Posting Information SOQ-080-24