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Family Connects
newborn babies with their families

Family Connects in Boulder County

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Home Visiting for All

Family Connects Colorado offers voluntary nurse home visiting for all Colorado families with newborns at no cost. It is designed to support the health and well-being of all newborns and their families by offering them one to three home visits by a highly-trained registered nurse and connections to resources for families in their communities.

Family Connects is currently available to all families who live in Boulder County and give birth or adopt at a Boulder County hospital, including immigrants and refugees.

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Family Connects Supports Your Family

Get assistance from a professional who is trained to help your family get what you need to succeed. Family Connects is in your corner.

Help for Baby

  • Baby weight check
  • Safe sleep information
  • Infant feeding and fussiness
  • Help with bathing, diapering, and swaddling

Help for Mom

  • Mom’s health check
  • Breastfeeding support
  • Family planning advice
  • Postpartum depression screening

Help for Family

  • Scheduling doctor’s appointments
  • Understanding child care options
  • Early literacy information
  • Community connections

What to Expect

  • 3 weeks in: Expect a visit around 3 weeks after birth
  • No cost: As a parent(s) of a newborn, there is no additional cost to you
  • Registered nurses: All nurses are highly skilled professionals
  • For all: Helping all families with a newborn who was delivered at a partner hospital

About the Service

This is a voluntary service. Families are free to accept or decline home visits. Visits are available at no cost to families. The services are designed to integrate with existing community services and complement other services being offered. The Family Connects model identifies unmet needs and gaps in available services and passes this information back to the community.

Family Connects International recognizes and celebrates the value of all families and we are committed to approaching our work through inclusive and culturally responsive practices. Family Connects fosters partnerships, not only with community organizations and resources but also with pediatric care providers, using multiple approaches.

  • Upon conclusion of the home visit(s), the nurse sends clinical reports to both pediatric and maternity care providers.
  • In the event of an urgent need, the nurse will contact the healthcare provider or emergency department during the visit.
  • Healthcare providers can send referrals to Family Connects when health needs are identified; the nurse can then focus the assessment on those aspects and follow up.
  • The Nurse case conferences can highlight trends that would otherwise be missed.
  • The two-generational strategy addresses both parental and infant needs.

In close interaction with the pediatric medical home, Family Connects is part of how we care for children in our community.

Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health (IECHM)

Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health (IECMH) consultation is offered and available to every family through Family Connects. Family Connects acknowledges that the experiences of pregnancy and/or having a new baby are times of transition for all families. This adjustment often brings up a range of emotions that warrant reflection, support, and care

The IECMH consultant is a licensed mental health clinician with the expertise to join together with the family in order to understand and respond to these needs. Visits with the IECMH consultant can occur with the nurse or after the nurse visit. If desired, the consultant can support the family with additional resources and referrals to longer-term services.

Facts & Figures

  • The first months of human life are foundational to later development.
  • A child’s brain develops faster from birth to age five than at any other period in life.
  • The Family Connects model can yield significant healthcare cost savings (based on emergency room visits and hospital overnights) – as much as $3 saved for every $1 spent.
  • Family Connects is an evidence-based model developed and piloted in Durham, NC.
  • Results from an ongoing randomized controlled trial:
    • Infants experienced 50% fewer emergency room visits and hospital stays
    • Mothers were 28% less likely to report possible clinical anxiety
    • Mothers report significantly more positive parenting behaviors
    • Home environments and home safety are improved
    • Community connections are increased
    • Families choose a higher quality childcare
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