Double Up Food Bucks
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Double Up Food Bucks

Fresh Produce for SNAP Recipients

The Double Up Food Bucks program helps families who are receiving Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits by doubling the amount of food benefits that can be used to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables. Double Up Food Bucks provide families with more healthy, fresh produce from local farmers.

Eligible Foods

  • Fresh fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Fresh herbs
  • Minimally cut fruit/vegetables (with no additives).

Ineligible Foods

  • Dried fruits
  • Frozen fruits or vegetables
  • Canned fruits or vegetables
  • Processed produce (anything with non-produce ingredients added such as salt, oil, vinegar)

Learn more about Double Up Food Bucks Locations across Colorado at Farmers Markets and retail locations:

If you have SNAP benefits and you have kids under the age of five, you automatically qualify for WIC.

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SNAP Double Up at Whole Foods in Boulder

For every dollar of SNAP benefits (up to $20) you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables at the following City of Boulder Whole Foods Markets locations.

  • Pearl Street
  • Table Mesa
  • Ideal Market on Alpine Avenue

Program Details

Double Up Bucks expire every three months (at the end of March, June, September, and December of each year).

Expired bucks CANNOT be redeemed or exchanged. Please pay close attention to the expiration dates on your coupons.

Double Up Bucks from the Farmers Markets CANNOT be used at Whole Foods. Only Double Up coupons with the Whole Foods logo can be used at the Whole Foods markets.

You must purchase fresh fruits and vegetables with your EBT. You can earn a maximum of $20 of Double Up Bucks per day. (There is no limit on how many Double Up Bucks you can redeem.)

Steps for Earning Double Up Coupons at Whole Foods

  1. Put your fresh fruits and vegetables first
  2. Tell your cashier you want to “Double Up”
  3. The cashier will total your produce and tell you how much you’ve earned in Double Up coupons
  4. Save the coupons for your next transaction

Whole Foods will round down to the nearest $5 Double Up Coupon

  1. You spend $5-$9.99, You earn $5
  2. You spend $10-$14.99, You earn $10
  3. You spend $15-$19.99, You earn $15
  4. You spend over $20, You earn $20

Contact with questions.

Whole Foods Brochure

Amazon Prime Discount

Amazon Prime offers a 50% discount on Prime memberships for people who have an EBT card for government assistance (WIC, TANF or SNAP). Whole Foods offers discounts on some items in the store to Amazon Prime members.

Learn more about this discount.

Learn How to Double Up SNAP Benefits at Whole Foods

Boulder County Double Up at the Farmers Markets

Clients receiving SNAP benefits can use their EBT card to buy SNAP-eligible foods at the Farmers Markets in

For every dollar you spend with your SNAP benefits at the market, you will receive one Double Up Food Buck (up to $20 per market) which can be used to buy additional fresh fruits and vegetables. Look for the information tent to get started.

Buying your fruits and vegetables at the Farmers Market can help you and your family stay healthy. Many local farmers go to great lengths to grow the most nutritious produce possible.

Shopping at the Farmers Market is Healthy for Families

Farmers Market produce is freshly picked, in season, and at its peak in flavor and nutrition. As soon as fruits and vegetables are picked they start to lose some of their vitamins. The fruits and vegetables from the farmers market ripen on the plant rather than in the store, so they keep their healthy vitamins longer.

Locally Grown Produce Supports Local Families

Why should you buy from the local farmer’s market? Buying from local farmers:

  • Helps to support small family farmers
  • Reduces costs to farmers
  • Helps farmers continue growing healthy, nutritious food for our community
  • Supports our local economy and environment

Farmers Market Brochure

Farmers Market Cookbook

Learn How to Double Up SNAP Benefits at the Farmers Market


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