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liver biopsy for hepatitis


“Hepatitis” means inflammation of the liver. Hepatitis can be caused by any of several viruses (types A, B, C, D, E, F, G), but can also be caused by some bacteria and parasites, alcohol, medications, and other chemicals. Hepatitis caused by viruses can be transmitted to others only in very specific ways. Hepatitis caused by alcohol, medications, and chemicals cannot be passed to other persons.

Disease Transmission

Hepatitis A and E are transmitted when fecal material from an infected person is accidentally ingested by another person, through food, water, or contaminated hands or objects.

Hepatitis B and C viruses are in the blood of infected persons. These infections can be transmitted when the blood enters another person through a fresh cut, wound, puncture, or mucous membrane. Hepatitis B can also be sexually transmitted. Hepatitis D (Delta virus) can only be passed along with the Hepatitis B virus.

Visit the Centers for Disease Control for additional information about hepatitis A, B, and C.


Testing appointments for hepatitis C are available Monday through Thursday. The cost is $38 per test. The testing session includes:

  • Conducting the hepatitis test.
  • Helping clients to assess their risks to hepatitis.
  • Assisting clients to create realistic plans to help prevent hepatitis transmission.
  • Discussing test results and offering referrals, if needed.

Counselors conducting the testing are trained and committed to be non-judgmental, and to provide the necessary skills to help clients stay safer.

To make an appointment in Boulder, please call 303-413-7500.
To make an appointment in Longmont, please call 303-678-6166.