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Worm Bin Composting
kids looking at worm composting bin

Worm Bin Composting

Why Worm Bin Compost?

If you don’t have a back yard, live in the mountains, or don’t have space for a big compost bin, you can still compost your kitchen scraps with red wriggler worms. Feeding red wiggler worms in a bin is a good way to make high-quality compost from food scraps.

Worm Bin Composting Brochure

Ingredients for Worm Bin Composting

  • Bin: Plastic or wooden bin with a tight-fitting lid and air holes
  • Bedding: Shredded newspaper for bedding
  • Worms: Red wiggler worms and a handful of their own bedding
  • Food: Fruit and vegetable scraps for worm food (no meat, bones, dairy, or fatty foods)

Local Sources Of Red Wiggler Worms

  • The Flower Bin, 1805 Nelson Rd., Longmont 303-772-3454

There are also options for mail order red worms. If ordering worms through the mail, prepare the bin immediately and release the worms as soon as possible.

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