Compost Workshops
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Compost Workshops

About the Workshops

Backyard composting is an effective way to reduce household carbon footprints and provide quality compost for use in gardens. Come learn how to start and maintain a highly efficient backyard compost system by learning what to feed your compost pile, appropriate bins and methods for our geographic region, tips and troubleshooting, and much more. The workshop will cover each of the following topics:

  • Essential habits of a successful backyard compost bin
  • Browns vs. Greens
  • Suggestions on compost bins and tools to buy
  • How to set up your bin
  • How to use compost
  • Troubleshooting your pile

These workshops are taught by Master Composter, Melanie Nehls Burow. Workshops are sponsored and hosted by the Boulder County Resource Conservation Division.

Spring Compost Workshop Packet

Fall Garden Cleanup and Backyard Compost Workshop Packet

2024 Compost Workshops

If you have any questions or trouble registering, reach out to Chandra Valenza,

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