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Student Voting Guidelines

A registered voter in Colorado is considered a resident of Colorado for motor vehicle registration and operation purposes and for income tax purposes. Federal law prohibits voting in more than one jurisdiction/state.

For out-of-state/new to Colorado students:

  • As noted above, a registered voter in Colorado is considered a resident of Colorado for motor vehicle registration and operation purposes and for income tax purposes.
  • A person residing in Colorado temporarily may want to register to vote in their home state and vote by mail, if their home state allows absentee voting.

For out-of-County students:

  • Colorado law allows college students to keep their voter registration in their hometown and vote by mail from college. This choice is up to the student. They may re-register in the jurisdiction where they are attending school, or they may retain their registration in their hometown. See below for advice on how to have your ballot properly mailed to your dorm.

For Colorado residents attending school out of state:

  • If you intend to keep Colorado as your permanent home for motor vehicle and income tax purposes, register as a Colorado voter and make sure your voter registration is up-to-date with your out-of-state mailing address. Your residential address is your Colorado home address.

Before registering to vote, please review the Voter Registration Requirements and Information.

Attention CU Students living on campus

If you are a CU student registering to vote in Boulder County from your CU Dorm address please follow these instructions for your residential and mail address (see below if you are just having your ballot mailed to your dorm, but registered someplace else).

Note the difference between your residential address and mailing address. Remember to use your assigned mail box number NOT your dorm room number.

Residential Address
Mail Box #
Dorm Building Name
Boulder, CO 80310
Mailing Address
Street Address
Boulder, CO 80310
Example – Residential

3678 Andrews Hall
Boulder, CO 80310

Example – Mailing
2510 Kittredge Loop Drive
Boulder, CO 80310

If you are a CU student maintaining your home voter registration, but would like to have your ballot mailed to you at CU dorm we recommend completing the voter registration online form in the following manner – Note this is a Colorado example only. If you are registered out-of-state, you may only have two address field options. Colorado provides these three field options.

Residential Address
Your home address in another Colorado County
Mailing Address

Leave blank

Mail my Ballot to a Different address:

Mail Box # Your Dorm Hall, Street address of Dorm
Boulder, CO 80310


3678 Andrews Hall, 2510 Kittredge Loop Dr

Boulder, CO 80310

Register/Update RegistrationFind a Vote Center during an Election (register & vote in person)

*** It is highly recommended you include an email address with your voter registration. Your email address is NOT public information. It helps the Elections Division get in touch with you if there is a problem with your ballot and also communicate (infrequently) about upcoming election information.

Contact Us

Elections Division


303-413-7728 (Fax)


**New as of Jan 4, 2021**
7:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Mon-Thurs.
CLOSED Fridays


Boulder: 1750 33rd Street (main office)
Map & Directions

Longmont: 529 Coffman Street*
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Lafayette: 1376 Miners Drive*
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*Only offers paper voter registration forms

Mailing Address

1750 33rd Street, Suite 200
Boulder, CO 80301