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Ballot Track

Ballot TrackBallot Track processBallot Track is a free service for Boulder County voters that can send you notifications by text message, phone call, or email when your mail ballot has been sent and received by our Elections Division.

Click the Register/Log-in button for Ballot Track to receive notifications about your mail ballot or to manage your current message preferences. Already signed up for Ballot Track and need to change your preferences? Just click the button and enter your info.

2022 Update: Ballot Track / BallotTrax* messages will now be originating from the Colorado Secretary of State’s office and will no longer feature our Ballot Track logo.
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Why Use Ballot Track / BallotTrax?

All active registered voters in Colorado receive a ballot in the mail for every election. You can return your ballot by mail or deliver it to one of our convenient ballot drop-off locations. No matter how you return your ballot, Ballot Track will let you know when it has been safely received for counting!

Will Ballot Track notify me when my ballot is received/accepted if I vote in-person?

No. Ballot Track only tracks the lifecycle of mail ballots (the data file the system uses is a mail ballot file). When you vote in-person, your ID is checked and you are given credit for voting in the statewide voter registration database. The ballot that was previously mailed to you is voided, so Ballot Track has nothing to track. If you login to Ballot Track, you will see that it says you have “no current mail ballot status.” If you would like to confirm that you have received credit for voting, you can check your status in your voter record at (under the “Ballot Information” tab).

How does Ballot Track know where my ballot is?

We first notify you when your ballot has been printed and mailed. Then, your ballot envelope is printed with unique bar codes, which are scanned when your ballot packet is received back by our Elections Facility in Boulder. These bar codes allow us to let you know when your ballot envelope is received back at our office. In future elections, we may add additional alerts so that you know when your ballot is received by the Post Office both outgoing and incoming.

How and when will Ballot Track notify me?

If you sign up to receive a phone call, SMS text message, or email, you will receive automated messages when your ballot is mailed to you and received back by Boulder County Elections. You also would receive a message if your ballot is returned as undeliverable, or cannot be processed for some reason that requires your attention.

Is there a cost?

Ballot Track is free for Boulder County voters! There’s no cost for your account or messages. However your phone carrier’s standard text message or voice rates may apply.

How do I manage my account?

Simply log in to Boulder County Votes Ballot Track at any time to change your preferences, turn off notifications or check the status of your ballot.

For more information, please contact Boulder County Elections at 303-413-7740.

Why do you call it Ballot Track instead of BallotTrax*?

When we first rolled out the service in 2015, the company had not yet branded their product as BallotTrax. Thus, we gave it the name Ballot Track. Several years ago, they began officially calling the service BallotTrax and messages started incorporating that name.

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