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Boulder County Partnerships

We are developing a framework that will guide Boulder County Housing and Human Services in our efforts as a full community partner investing in our safety net and collaborating to provide successful services in a committed, multi-year process. This framework, known as Community of Hope: A Generative Framework for Partnership, is guided by the Generative Model for human services delivery.

Co-Creating | Integrating | Generating

Co-creating solutions for complex family and community challenges by fully, effectively, and efficiently integrating health, housing, and human services to strengthen the broad range of Social Determinants of Health, in turn generating a more self-sufficient, sustainable, and resilient community.

We’re accomplishing this vision by collaborating with a strong network of agencies and partners seamlessly working together to ensure Boulder County residents living below the socio-economic threshold of security get the help they need when and where they need it.

We have Nine Strategies

For contributing to a Community of Hope:

  • Strengthening the Community Safety Net
  • Integrating Case Management
  • Creating a Robust Early Childhood Plan for Boulder County
  • Increasing Access to Health Coverage
  • Boosting Educational and Employment Development and Empowerment
  • Expanding the Housing Continuum
  • Developing a Comprehensive, Agile DHHS Staffing Structure and Modern Workforce
  • Utilizing a Strong Data Structure that Informs Our Practice
  • Developing a Comprehensive, Sustainable Economic Engine for DHHS and the Boulder County Safety Net

For BCDHHS, these strategies revolve around three components: Nurturing Community Integration, Reinforcing the Pillars of Family Stability, and Revolutionizing our Workforce and Infrastructure.

Social Determinants of Health

Social DeterminantsTo help inform our strategies, BCDHHS adopted the Social Determinants of Health model, which represents the broad range of social and physical factors that impact people’s health and quality of life, and which are shaped by distribution of money, power, and resources at all levels. In collaboration with our partners within this model, we strive to help people overcome barriers to health and quality of life by effectively and efficiently integrating health, housing, and human services throughout our work. BCDHHS and our partners organize the Social Determinants around seven key pillars (indicators) of stability:

Community of Hope: A Generative Human Services Safety Net

This holistic view of working with all our partners in a targeted, integrated, and prevention-oriented way is part of a generative model for services delivery in Boulder County, which prompts systems to be supportive of people in need in ways that are fully timely and accessible, and ultimately informed by the community members themselves. Central to this effort is the creation of an approach across all the pillars of stability for investments based on shared common indicators and desired outcomes.

BCDHHS is helping strengthen the Community of Hope framework by collaborating with our partners to establish these common indicators and desired outcomes. We’re also working to help develop pathways to enhanced communication and full integration across all the pillars of stability.

Human Services Safety Net Mill Levy

Human Services Safety netBoulder County voters approved a 15-year extension of the Human Services Safety Net mill levy in November 2014. Find out more about the initiative and priorities for its funding on the HSSN page.

Targeted Community Investments and Performance-Based Contracting

Flowing from our vision and in line with our strategies, funds managed by the Boulder County Department of Housing and Human Services (BCDHHS) are targeted toward proven or evidence-based interventions with these characteristics:

  • They include a focus on early intervention and prevention.
  • They use a common set of indicators to measure outcomes.
  • They are closely coordinated with the efforts of government, nonprofit, and other community partners.
  • They seek to further integrate health, housing, and human services in our community.

Please see the list of 2015 Community Investments categorized by pillar of stability.

BCDHHS currently invests in safety net supports and services through the General Operating and Human Services Safety Net funds. These are targeted investments that are informed by an extensive evaluation process in partnership with key stakeholders including Boulder County Public Health, Boulder County Community Services, and advisory groups within the Community of Hope framework. We strive to ensure this process is transparent and clear. These opportunities and Requests for Proposals (RFPs) are released and publicized through this website and other targeted communications. We encourage all interested organizations to stay up-to-date on opportunities.


When is the next open application cycle?

There are currently no funding opportunities available. The 2015 Human Services General Operating cycle has closed. The next funding cycle will open in March 2016.

Please bookmark this page and come back to it for future information. To receive announcements about our next open application process, please sign up below.

What if I have an urgent project?

In certain circumstances, BCDHHS will review a project proposal that addresses an emergent need and is closely aligned with our strategic priorities. Please contact with the Community Partnerships staff to discuss before submitting a proposal.

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