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Financial Workshops
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Financial Workshops

Our Financial Workshops are facilitated by certified instructors who want to see you thrive towards your best financial self. Through hands-on activity and peer-to-peer learning in our financial workshops, you will acquire a sense of control and a belief that you can have a healthy financial life, both now and in the future.

Our workshops are free and offered in both English and Spanish. Workshop topics support you in moving forward throughout the ‘Money Management’ cycle:

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Currently, due to COVID-19, all workshops are conducted virtually.

  1. Workshops will be conducted virtually through Microsoft Teams.
  2. You will receive an email from an email the day of the workshop with the link and handouts.
  3. You do not need to have Teams downloaded if you are using a computer or laptop.
  4. If you are going to join through Teams using your cell phone instead of a computer or laptop, you WILL need to download the Microsoft Teams app. It is recommended that you are connected to WiFi in this situation as Teams will use a lot of data.
  5. You can also call-in to the workshop using only audio with the phone number provided.

NOTE: If you have an older device, you may have trouble accessing the online classes. If this is the case, please email

Workshop Calendar
  • Anyone is eligible. There are no eligibility requirements to attend our workshops.

It’s easy! We use a registration system called LEARNS for our financial workshops. Simply click below to get started!

If you need help signing up for a workshop, please email or call the Boulder County Call Center at 720-776-0822 (after selecting your preferred language, select option 2 for Workforce).

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  • Exploring My Financial Future
    • Creating a vision inspires action to make change happen! In this workshop, you will:
      • Build a clear vision of your future financial that serves as a guide in planning your future.
      • Connect to a deeper, more concrete understanding of your current financial situation so you know where you’re starting on your path.
      • Discover how & why to tap into your values when making your financial decisions.
      • Learn ways to set and keep goals while managing setbacks that are sure to happen along the way.
      • Leave this workshop with tangible next steps and supports to bring your financial hopes and dreams to life!
  • Budgeting on a Small Income
    • When money is tight and resources are limited, creating a ‘plan for spending’ might be the last thing on your mind. In this workshop, you will:
      • Learn how creating a budget when you’re in a low or no-income situation can be one of the best ways to begin to problem solve and gain control over your financial life.
      • Explore the use of creative thinking and resourcefulness to build a spending plan that moves you towards greater financial stability.
      • Learn to use tools and techniques to make a budget that works for YOU using community and personal resources that help bridge financial gaps.
      • Identify the nuts and bolts of how to track your income and expenses.
      • Leave this workshop with clear, motivating action steps to help you gain power of your financial situation!
  • Thoughtful Money Management
    • There are many ways to create and utilize a budget AND there is no “one size fits all” model. In this workshop, you will:
      • Explore “Behavioral Economics” and look more closely at how, where and why people use money in the ways that we do.
      • Learn how ‘values-based decision making’ helps you stay on track with your long-term goal by owning your day-to-day financial choices.
      • Discuss terms & practices for developing a budget and dive into strategies to track your income and expenses.
      • Leave this workshop with new or improved ideas to take your money management to the next level!
  • Organizing for Financial Management
    • The word “organize” means different things to different people. In this workshop, you will:
      • Explore what “organize” means to you in your overall life and in your financial life.
      • Discover ideas, guidelines and recommendations on how to reduce paperwork, declutter and mange incoming financial email and mail.
      • Discuss how long to keep financial documents and how to safely get rid of sensitive financial information.
      • Learn about different financial tools available to keep you organized.
      • Leave this workshop with ideas, resources and motivation to organize your financial life…and reduce your stress!
  • Communicating for Financial Health
    • Whether you are talking with your bank, a creditor or your family about finances, communication is a key factor in creating financial stability. In this workshop, you will:
      • Review and discuss effective, proactive communication techniques and styles.
      • Gain empowerment as a consumer.
      • Learn about the laws that protect you and your rights and obligations around debt.
      • Understand what a collector legally can and cannot do.
      • Get clear on what to say and do when you cannot pay your bills.
      • Leave this workshop feeling more empowered and confident in your communication skills with creditors, your bank…and beyond!
  • Building a Banking Relationship
    • Determining whether or not to use a financial institution – and which financial intuition to use – is challenging. In this workshop, you will:
      • Learn how financial institutions can serve as a tool to help you reach your financial goals.
      • Review various banking terms & vocabulary so you feel empowered and in-the-know when talking with your current or future financial institution.
      • Navigate the pros and cons of using a financial institution and how to get started working with a bank or credit union.
      • Feel empowered with the knowledge to evaluate and choose the financial institution & products that work best for you.
      • Leave this workshop knowing how to effectively establish, re-establish or end banking relationships.
  • Investing Basics
    • A Financial Advisor leads this workshop and breaks down the often-confusing topic of investing into relatable, understandable terms. In this workshop, you will:
      • Discover how to get started investing, even with small amounts of money.
      • Review and identify common investing terms, such as compounding interest, so you feel confident when investing your money.
      • Learn the ins-and-outs of taxes, insurance and various types of retirement plans and investment vehicles.
      • Leave this workshop with expanded possibilities for your long-term financial health!
  • Credit Reporting Know the Facts! (Understanding Credit)
    • Credit has a huge impact on our financial wellbeing yet many of us are confused on how credit works. This workshop unravels the mysteries of credit. In this workshop, you will:
      • Learn how credit impacts us as consumers and how to make choices that support building your credit.
      • Discuss Vantage and FICO credit scoring models in easy-to-understand terms.
      • Identify how to access and interpret your credit report from a trustworthy source.
      • Discover how to dispute inaccurate information on your credit report.
      • Learn how to monitor your credit to ensure your finances and identify stay safe.
      • Leave this workshop with a deepened sense of knowledge and empowerment on credit!
  • Be Informed, Borrow Smart
    • While nobody likes to be in debt, most of us will find ourselves in debt at some point in our lives, whether to pursue homeownership, access higher education or purchase a car. In this workshop, you will:
      • Learn how to use debt in the smartest, most informed way possible.
      • Explore the Rules of Borrowing and dive into all aspects involved with acquiring debt.
      • Gain a deeper knowledge on how to make decisions for you as to where, when, why and how you borrow money.
      • Understand the terms and conditions associated with borrowing.
      • Leave this workshop with increased confidence on to use borrowing to achieve your financial dreams without weighing you down!
  • Pathways out of Debt
    • Being in debt can feel like a being in a maze with no clear way out. In this workshop, you will:
      • Create your individual, comprehensive pathway to debt freedom.
      • Examining reasons for acquiring debt and envision a tangible future without debt.
      • Create the foundation of your individual plan to move out of debt.
      • Learn step-by-step strategies that work with your budget to make headway on reducing your debt.
      • Tap into your own motivation to be debt free, whether it’s reducing your stress, increasing your financial security or having money for the things you enjoy.
      • Leave this workshop with a direction out of debt and into financial freedom!
  • Financial Study Hall
      • If you attended one of our financial or home ownership workshops, Financial Study Hall is a place where you can come and talk with workshop facilitators and peers, and ask questions, share successes, and work through challenges. Financial Study Hall offers access to practice tools to help move forward in your financial goal setting and can serve as a setting for accountability to reach your goals. Participants determine the focus or topics of each Financial Study Hall based on their needs of the day. Leave Financial Study Hall with increased motivation, ideas and resources to keep you striving for your best financial self.

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