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Homeless Solutions for Boulder County

Project Recovery

In 2021, Boulder County’s Community Services Department secured funding through Bureau of Justice Assistance to implement Project Recovery, which aims to end the cycle of incarceration and homelessness, support the recovery and reentry process, reduce incidences of crime and recidivism, and create a safer community.

To achieve these aims, Project Recovery will implement a range of activities, including:

  • Evidenced-based treatment and recovery services
  • Recovery housing
  • Peer recovery support services
  • Pre- and post-booking treatment alternative-to-incarceration interventions
  • Medication-assisted treatment (MAT)

Project Recovery will meet these priorities through a collaboration between the Boulder County Jail and Tribe Recovery Homes, Inc. (Tribe), a leader in home-based recovery and peer support services, and through collaborative efforts with a host of community service partners

With grant funding and allocated resources from Boulder County, Tribe will establish three recovery homes, one added in each year of the project, to serve those being diverted or released from detention. Clients typically transition out of homes within 4 to 5 months, resulting in a projected 36 clients served per year per house. This gives Project Recovery the potential to serve hundreds of individuals with justice-system involvement over three-years. Tribe works with clients directly on the following:

  • Substance use treatment
  • Transition into housing
  • Employment
  • Lean into the benefits / successes of this type of facility

Tribe Recovery Homes, Inc was selected as a result of their experience providing these services in other parts of Colorado successfully as well as offered all the services identified by the Sober Living Task force as essential services for successful programming. In addition, they incorporate extensively researched best practices for individuals experiencing active addiction, seeking treatment, a desire to engage in a sober environment, experiencing homeless and may be involved in justice systems as a result of their struggle with substance use. Tribe integrates robust wrap around services (life skills development, workforce, budgeting, etc.) with high quality clinical and case management services with peer navigation for each client they serve. The housing provides a stabilizing factor while individuals actively work their identified treatment plan and goals. In addition, Tribe is able to bill these services to Medicaid which is a built-in sustainability model.

Tribe Recovery Homes is currently operating outpatient services at the Sundquist Building in Boulder County’s North Broadway Complex on Iris Avenue and Broadway in Boulder. These services include:

  • Individual Therapy in alignment with National Standards and Best Practices
  • Group Therapy in alignment with National Standards and Best Practices
  • Trauma treatment (more specifically EMDR-Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing which is a National Best practices intervention for trauma)
  • Medically Assisted Recovery (MAT Services)
  • Sobriety Monitoring
  • Peer Navigation
  • Case Management services to ensure clients basic needs are met as well as connection to additional resources such as workforce, Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, etc.
  • Helps resolve the revolving door with clients in and out of jail
  • Addresses substance use epidemic in Boulder County
  • Addresses the mental health epidemic
  • Builds a foundation for recovery and for clients to return to work
  • Provides a place for people to stabilize, a foundation to be productive members of society
  • Improves community safety with less clients out on the streets

Tribe also:

  • Engages clients in services with multiple case managers, peers and clinicians
  • Provides staff on-site in the recovery home
  • Provides sobriety monitoring for clients
  • Requires workforce skills and future employment of clients

What is Project Recovery?

City and county partners, through Boulder County Community Services, are working to implement substance recovery homes throughout Boulder County. The first home is expected to be open in 2023.

These homes will provide stable housing for clients accessing substance recovery treatment at a separate facility. Evidence shows that people can more successfully address other problems (i.e., employment, mental health, addiction) once they are stably housed. HSBC supports unhoused community members by leveraging a tapestry of services to help people in exiting homelessness.

All operations of the homes will be managed by Tribe Recovery Homes which received a grant from Boulder County to operate the first recovery home.

What is the comprehensive support that clients will receive?

  • Mental Health, Substance Use and Trauma treatment
  • Wrap-around services for each client coupled with navigation supports
  • Peer supports and peer navigation
  • Sobriety Monitoring
  • Services tailored to meet the clients’ needs
  • Workforce
  • Staff living on site

What is the structure of Project Recovery? How do people learn about and access this program?

Project Recovery will implement four core strategies include: peer support, a structured recovery home environment, evidence-based therapeutic interventions and connections to community wellness, housing and self-sufficiency resources.

We have a structured referral process that involves Tribe staff. We staff each referral to ensure good fit. There is a referral form staff complete with both an inclusion and exclusion criteria for clients. Currently, most of the client intakes are referrals from the Boulder County Jail and the Co-Responders.

What are the requirements for participating in this program?

Requirements for participation include: actively engaging in treatment plan; weekly meeting with peer navigator to set weekly goals and review progress on prior weeks goals; engagement in workforce; stay sober; attend community meetings; engage in volunteer work; maintain residence; participate in house activities (meals, house meetings, etc.). Weekly sobriety monitoring via Urine Analysis, Breathalyzers, etc

Where is the home going to be located?

City and county partners, in conjunction with Tribe Recovery Homes, are currently in the process of securing a location for the first recovery home which will likely be in the City of Boulder. Additional homes will be secured throughout Boulder County as the project moves forward. Tribe Recovery Homes, which manages similar homes in Denver and Aurora, will operate the substance recovery homes.

To protect the individuals who are participating in substance use treatment and utilizing the recovery homes, in addition to legal requirements around protecting the personal information of patients, the location of the homes will not be disclosed.

How will my community remain safe?

Homes are subject to regulatory oversight and have a staff member who lives on site as well.

What is the timeline for when a home will be secured and clients move into the community?

The goal is to have secured the home and have tenants start moving into the home for treatment in the early half of 2023.

We are currently only taking referrals through our current process to ensure a proper fit for each client. Each referral is staffed clinically with Tribe staff prior to entry in the program.

For more information about Project Recovery, please reach out to Heidi Grove, HSBC Systems Manager, at

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