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Cultural Brokers Program (CBP)

Cultural Brokers Program (CBP)

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The Cultural Brokers Program (CBP) focuses on recognizing and supporting the work of cultural brokers and community organizations in Boulder County. The program’s mission is to develop a common understanding of the cultural broker’s work by supporting existing efforts in organizations and groups that focus on serving diverse communities.

It is the vision of the CBP team to become thought partners with other organizations, elevate culturally-informed practices that broaden access to resources, and expand the representation of diverse communities through civic engagement and public participation.

The term cultural brokering was introduced within the context of health care delivery to diverse communities in the 1960’s.

Cultural Brokers are individuals who are considered bridges, connectors, or mediators between groups or people with different cultural contexts with the purpose of reducing conflict or producing change (Jezewski, 1990). A local description of this work sees cultural brokers in Boulder County as trusted community partners who bridge diverse cultures and reduce current or potential conflict by co-creating, with the communities they serve, innovative strategies for change in areas of mediation, resource sharing and navigation, mentorship, culture promotion and civic engagement for advocacy and activism.

Read more in the Mosaics Report to read about the work of cultural brokers in Boulder County.

CBP offers “Cultural Brokers 101: An Introductory Training,” a 3-hour introductory class to help participants develop an understanding of cultural brokers’ work. This basic session covers topics such as historical context, definition, and scope of work of cultural brokers, among others.

Cultural broker trainings are designed for anyone interested in building an awareness and understanding of key cultural factors of the diverse communities Boulder County serves.

CBP offers agency-specific trainings that address cultural broker recruitment, retention, and equitable compensation. Other areas where CBP can inform or assist in trainings include:

  • Development of a CB departmental action plan​
  • Cultural Broker professional development​
  • Cultural Broker recruitment​ strategies
  • Cultural Broker work evaluations

Cultural Brokers Program offers ongoing “cafecitos” to include themed topics for discussion for community members and organizations to attend. These cafecitos take place each month with a different speaker and topic.

¡SUMA! is the Cultural Brokers Program’s external brand and information platform for community members and community organizations.

We invite you to stay connected with CBP! Our team offers multiple opportunities to support your organization. We invite you to schedule a meeting with us to request a training or consulting session for your organization and share resources at CB meetings.

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