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Community Planning & Permitting Staff Directory
Land Use Department - Courthouse Annex Building

The Boulder County Community Planning & Permitting office at 2045 13th St., Boulder is open to the public on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., and on Tuesday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Appointments are available on Tuesday but are not required. Schedule an appointment.

Community Planning & Permitting Staff Directory

View the Community Planning & Permitting Department Organization Chart or the Transportation Planning staff.

Name Job Title Email Phone
Abner, Ethan Planner II - Long Range Planning & Policy Team (Planning) 303-682-6892
Bertges, Zack Chipping Coordinator 303-678-6168
Bjelland, Erica Planner I - DRT (Planning) 303-441-1688
Bond, Angel Mobility for All Program Manager 303-682-6844
Bracke, Kathleen Deputy Director, CP&P - Transportation Planning 970-219-6765
Brighton, Ian Planner II - Access & Engineering/DRT (Planning) 720-564-2271
Browning, Maya Youth Transportation Specialist 720-864-6662
Buchanan, Stephanie Program Specialist II 720-864-6696
Buckles, Kristina Deputy Director, Operations 720-564-2622
Byrne, Cayley Planner I - Long Range Planning & Policy Team (Planning) 720-564-2819
Case, Dale Director 720-564-2604
Clarke, Jayde Application Support Administrator 720-564-2997
Cline, Leslie Permit Technician 720-564-2626
Conklin, Alyssa Permit Specialist 303-678-6362
Curtiss, Christa Planner I - DRT (Planning) 303-678-6297
Dejean, Fabienne Administrative Technician 303-441-3930
Delumpa, Pat Combination Building Inspector 720-564-2606
Dirolf, Christopher Wildfire Mitigation Specialist 303-678-6282
Dodge, Heather Plans Examiner 720-564-2602
Enyart, Lynn Web Specialist 303-678-6205
Fasick, Jessica Planning Technician - Historic Preservation/Long Range Planning & Policy Team (Planning) 720-564-2614
Flax, Ron Deputy Director of Building/Chief Building Official 720-564-2643
Frederick, Summer Planning Division Manager - Development Review Team (Planning) 720-564-2603
Gambrel, Sean GIS Specialist 720-564-2613
Gaynor, Cary Combination Building Inspector 720-564-2617
Gissel, Kathy Permit & License Operations Manager 720-564-2626
Gracia, Bonnie Planner II - On Call/Code Compliance & Public Information Team (Planning) 720-564-2601
Gray, Kelly Plans Examiner 720-564-2663
Grimm, Denise Principal Planner - Historic Preservation/Long Range Planning & Policy Team (Planning) 720-564-2611
Hackett, Richard (Rick) Communications Specialist 720-564-2605
Hagen, Chad Plans Examiner 303-441-3562
Haines, David GIS Manager 720-564-2632
Halford, Margaret Special Projects Coordinator 720-564-2843
Heller, Sarah Floodplain Program Planner 720-564-2978
Hennessy, Stephen Electrical Combination Building Inspector 720-564-2852
Hilliard, Landon Senior Planner 720-564-2294
Hippely, Hannah Planning Division Manager - Long Range Planning & Policy Team (Planning) 720-564-2298
Holste, John Special Events Coordinator 303-441-3906
Huebner, Michelle Plans Examiner Supervisor 720-564-2616
Hunter, Melissa Mobility Outreach Coordinator 720-564-2275
Hyde-Wright, Alex Regional Multimodal Planning Division Manager 303-441-4910
Jefferies, Wesley Planner I - DRT (Planning) 303-441-1705
Jimenez, Joseph Mobility Outreach Coordinator 720-864-6663
Kelly, Brian Planner II 720-564-2647
Kirby, Madison Administrative Technician 720-798-3596
Knotts, Amber Planner I - DRT (Planning) 303-441-1709
L’Orange, Pete Planner II - DRT (Planning) 303-441-1418
Lamboeuf, Mitch Wildfire Mitigation Specialist 303-678-6185
Lammers, Jessi Planner I - Development Review Team (Planning) 720-564-2219
Lauer, Mathias Wildfire Partners Assistant 303-441-3930
Laws, Martin Planning Division Manager - Code Compliance & Public Information Team (Planning) 303-441-4614
Lee, Sarah Mobility Outreach Coordinator 720-564-2273
Lewin, Liv Vision Zero Program Manager 720-564-2292
Logan, Jeffrey Wildfire Partners Assistant 720-864-5721
Lombardi, Alicia Permit Specialist Supervisor 303-441-4788
Luebbert, Tonya Regional Trails Planner 720-564-2866
McCatty, Kyle Wildfire Mitigation Specialist Supervisor 720-564-2625
McCoy, Claire Permit Specialist 720-564-2986
McElwee, Ainsle Planner Tech - Code Compliance & Public Information Team (Planning) 720-564-2624
McGovern, Anne Administrative Technician 303-441-1487
McGuinness, Brendan Licensing Specialist 303-682-6876
McMahon, Michael Planner I - Development Review Team (Planning) 720-564-2297
Milner, Anna Departmental Contract Administrator 720-564-2638
Morgan, Heather Lead Admin Tech 720-864-6510
Mueller, Scott Historic Preservation Specialist - Historic Preservation/Long Range Planning & Policy Team (Planning) 720-564-2880
Olson, Kristin Accountant I 720-564-2700
Perez, Martha Bilingual Code Compliance Specialist II - Code Compliance & Public Information Team (Planning) 720-564-2624
Perez, Erika Accountant I 303-678-6197
Phillips, Alexandra Bike Planner 303-441-4520
Proctor, Stacey Transportation Strategic Planning & Projects Manager 303-441-1107
Rasmussen, Jon Hourly Plans Examiner 720-564-2936
Reinold, Vicky Grant Administrator 72-0864-6451
Reinwald, Mike Electrical Combination Building Inspector 720-864-6482
Riley, Anita Principal Planner - Access & Engineering/DRT (Planning) 303-413-7512
Ryan, Joshua GIS Specialist 720-564-2633
Sanchez, Kim Deputy Director - Planning & Zoning and Local Governmental Designee (Oil & Gas) 720-564-2627
Sanders, Mary Wildfire Partners Assistant 720-564-2648
Schultz, Jason Plans Examiner 720-564-2637
Shannon, Abigail Planner - Hourly (On Call) - Code Compliance & Public Information Team (Planning) 720-564-2756
Sheehan, Jack Planner I - Long Range Planning & Policy Team (Planning) 720-564-2692
Silver, Abby Wildfire Outreach Program Coordinator 720-564-2641
Stanley, Jeff Special Projects Coordinator- Office Manager 303-678-9063
Stubbs, Sarah Permit Specialist 720-564-2631
Suarez, Antonio Bilingual Outreach & Education Specialist 303-441-4629
Sullivan, Moriah Code Compliance Specialist I - Code Compliance & Public Information Team (Planning) 720-564-2812
Todacheene, Waylon Senior GIS Specialist 303-441-4961
Torres, Sabrina Planner II - Sustainability Agricultural Community Outreach/Code Compliance & Public Information Team (Planning) 303-441-4961
Touvell, Joseph Plans Examiner 303-678-6032
Tucker, Amanda Permit Specialist 720-564-2969
Velasquez, Angelina Plans Examiner 303-678-6114
Villena-Sanchez, Jessica Bilingual Outreach Coordinator 720-864-6591
Wagh, Clara Code Compliance & Public Information 303-441-3930
Walker, Sam Planner II - DRT (Planning) 720-564-2738
Watson, Kelly Principal Floodplain Planner 720-564-2652
Webster, Jim B. Wildfire Mitigation Program Manager 720-564-2600
Yelton, Dana Planner I - DRT (Planning) 720-564-2647
Yelton, Taj Building Inspections Supervisor 720-564-2639
Zolot, Ruby Wildfire Partners Assistant 720-864-6434

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