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Speaker Confirmation

Hearing Speaker Confirmation

Thank you for signing up to speak!

Registration and advance speaker sign-up open for the Board of County Commissioners virtual public hearing on proposed oil & gas regulations beginning at 4 p.m. on Dec. 1.

This virtual public hearing will be conducted using Zoom. A Zoom account is not required to join, but registration is required both to attend and/or to speak during the public comment portion of the hearing. You may join the virtual hearing online or via telephone. Public testimony on Dec. 1 will begin after a presentation by staff.

You will also have the option of calling in by phone to the hearing at:

  • 833-568-8864
  • Webinar ID: 160 175 9918

Time allotments on Dec. 1 for speakers will be:

  • Individual speakers will receive 2 minutes to make their comments
  • Two people pooling their time will have 4 minutes total (designated speaker for the pool will speak)
  • Three people pooling their time will have 6 minutes total
  • Four or more people pooling their time will have 8 minutes total

Note: All individuals donating/pooling time will need to be present at the virtual hearing when the designated pool speaker for the pool is called.

Online speaker registrations are automatically time-stamped at time of sign-up. Those timestamps will determine the order in which speakers will be called to address the board.

The speaker order and estimated times you will provide your comment will be updated on the oil and gas webpage after 12 p.m. on Nov. 30. Note that speaking times are estimates only and are subject to change. For example, if a speaker is not present, the chair will call on the next speaker on the list, even if it is earlier than his or her estimated speaking time. If speakers were not present when their name was called, the chair will offer another chance to speak later in the hearing. However, it is the speaker’s responsibility to monitor the progress of the meeting and be present when his or her name is called.

Screen sharing will not be available for public use during the hearing. Members of the public may provide materials to staff for review by the Board of County Commissioners ahead of the public hearing for review. Written comments or materials may be submitted to oilgascomment@bouldercounty.org.

If you have questions about the hearing or the speaking process, please see our Guide to Public Meetings or call 303-441-3500.