Volunteer Opportunity

Unpaid internship for MSW grad students: DORS program (read on)

Application or Registration Deadline: 09/09/2024
Opportunity Type: Ongoing Volunteer Opportunity
Department: Community Services
Category: Criminal Justice and Public Safety, Human Services and Public Health
Time Commitment & Minimum Age: 12-24 hours per week depending on academic requirements for at least 9 months

Boulder County Justice Center, Boulder County Jail, and out in the community.

Program Summary:

The Diversion Opportunity for Resources and Stabilization (DORS) program is a joint initiative of the DA’s Office and Boulder County Community Justice Services that targets individuals involved with the criminal justice system who have unmet behavioral health needs.

DORS Goal: Identify and address underlying needs by connecting participants to community-based services, to drive down risk factors associated with reoffending, to increase stability, and to repair harm from the crime. Restorative justice practices are used, when appropriate, as an intervention for diversion participants to address and repair the harm created by their offense.

The DORS intern reports to the DORS Program Coordinator in Community Justice Services. The intern will be based at the Boulder Justice Center and works at the Boulder County Jail and in the community with individuals who are experiencing acute behavioral health and stabilization needs to provide screenings, connection to services, and targeted case management.

Primary function: Shadow then provide intensive case management and assist DORS clients in speedy access to treatment through referrals and client advocacy, as well as supporting clients in accessing resources to increase quality of life and stability.

Responsibilities also include providing program information to participants, building and maintaining connections to community resources; monitoring for engagement and program completion; utilizing restorative practices when appropriate, recordkeeping, and more. This dynamic internship works closely with Community Justice Services, diversion supervisors, prosecutors, law enforcement, community service providers, and other members of the community.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Examples of Intern engagement:

  • Schedule and complete intakes for individuals referred to the DORS Program
  • Interview individuals using effective interpersonal skills (collaboration, empathy, active listening)
  • Use and score evidence-based tools to screen for likelihood of mental illness and substance use disorders
  • Provide direct case management service to DORS participants in the community
  • Demonstrate cultural awareness in working with diverse populations related to race, age, gender, sexual orientation, ability, and other areas of identity
  • Follow Intensive Case Management Model. This may include one-on-one case manager to client relationship using a trauma informed approach; working to remove barriers for clients to access services that are needed to attain their goals; and accompanying clients to meetings and appointments in support of their goals/needs, which may include transportation and helping with treatment and housing assistance.
  • Learn to track and maintain current, accurate, and thorough data on DORS cases and case updates in DA database, diversion Excel spreadsheet, and client case files, and provide program data to supervisors when requested
  • Provide clear and accurate program information to program participants and explain requirements for successful program completion
  • Collaboratively communicate with the DA’s Office and Community Justice Services team and external partners, such as public defenders, law enforcement, the courts, and community service providers
  • Make referrals to and communicate regularly with community service providers to ensure coordinated care and connection to treatment
  • Utilize restorative practices when appropriate to support accountability and repair of harm
  • Attend team meetings
Qualifications and Requirements:


  • First- or second-year student in accredited Social Work graduate program. Must be 21 to apply.
  • Some case management experience, working with people experiencing acute behavioral health issues, homelessness, and other challenges preferred.
  • Understanding of mental illness and substance use disorders and the impact it has on a person’s life.
  • Mature and open to both giving and receiving feedback. Attitude of engaging in solutions rather than focusing on problems.
  • Strong organizational skills and attention to detail.
  • Ability to work collaboratively with diverse work groups.
  • Excellent verbal and written skills. Ability to think and act independently. Ability to work with individuals that present as resistant. Ability to manage multiple tasks accurately and efficiently.
  • Demonstrated ability to use computer systems and programs efficiently and accurately (including Outlook, Excel, and Word)
  • Good communication, knowledge of conflict resolution, and active listening skills
  • Develop a high level of professionalism, judgment, and competency, with ability to work effectively, respectfully, and compassionately with offenders, victims, families, community members, community provider agencies, law enforcement, criminal justice professionals, and volunteers

The following knowledge, skills, and abilities are preferred:
• Bilingual Spanish is a plus.

  • Knowledge of criminal justice system, social services, and social justice issues
  • Knowledge of community resources for people experiencing behavioral health issues, homelessness, and other challenges
    • Interest in and some experience/academic training in conflict resolution, cultural competency, trauma-informed care, and victim sensitivity

Criminal background investigation and fingerprinting are required for this position. You must agree to Boulder County DEI, Confidentiality, Personnel and Policy Manual, and other policies. Supervision is provided by appropriate staff.

Training Dates and Information:

Training is one-on-one after being accepted into the program.

Additional Information:

We typically work Monday through Friday 8:30am-5:30pm. Your academic schedule can generally be accommodated.


Mary Eldred



Application Process:

Send email inquiry to JSVP@bouldercounty.org.

You will receive the online application link and instructions, along with the official position description (basically what is on this webpage).

Submit the complete online application form (the link will be sent to you with instructions).

Include 3 references, resume and statement of intent.

I send out reference requests and receive those back.

If initially approved, I send your documents on to the supervisor who will decide whether to interview you. They will also take next steps to schedule an interview.

If selected and you accept, you will schedule fingerprinting with me at the Justice Center and start the onboarding process!