Stage 1 fire restrictions, enacted for unincorporated areas of western Boulder County.

Volunteer Opportunity

Seed Cleaning Party

Project Date: Thu, February 8, 2024 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Opportunity Type: One-Time Volunteer Opportunity
Department: Parks & Open Space
Category: Open Space, Environment, and Gardening

Ron Stewart Parks & Open Space Building

Program Summary:

You may be asking yourself, “Cleaning seed? Don’t I do enough cleaning at home already!?”

I promise, this kind of cleaning is WAY MORE FUN! Join Boulder County Plant Ecologist, Carrie Cimo, and a group of fellow nature enthusiasts in processing native seed off their stalks or out of their pods so we can more efficiently and effectively use it in ecological restoration around Boulder County!

Using native seed in ecological restoration is hugely important and Boulder County Parks & Open Space has prioritized this for more than 20 years. Using native seed in restoration maintains intricate food web connections, is more successful in finding niche habitat spaces, and also sets up the restoration to survive and thrive in challenging circumstances like drought, fires, or floods.

Sign up today to learn more about the lands we love in Boulder County, and meet folks that share a passion for taking care of this landscape!


Carrie Cimo

Application Process:


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