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Volunteer Opportunity

Re-entry Specialist intern – undergrad senior or grad student – Opioid Abuse Program – Boulder County Jail

Application or Registration Deadline: 05/01/2024
Opportunity Type: Ongoing Volunteer Opportunity
Department: Community Services
Category: Criminal Justice and Public Safety
Time Commitment & Minimum Age: 12-15 hours per week, 9-month minimum, one-year preferred. Unpaid internship.

Boulder County Jail and in the community.

Driver’s license, insurance and car preferred if taking on this role. Driver’s history must be approved by Boulder County Risk Management.

Program Summary:

The Comprehensive Opioid Abuse Site-based Program (COAP) is a jail-based service program under Community Justice Services which includes screenings to assess opioid dependency and risk for overdose, support timely linkage to services and supervision including safe withdrawal, ongoing treatment, recovery support services, and provides treatment and recovery-oriented services to clients in the jail. The program provides DBT, CBT individual therapy, group counseling, and a variety of other options based on the individualized treatment needs of the client. COAP and JMAT (Jail Medication Assisted Treatment) Teams work closely together to promote individual recovery goals and provide supportive services.

Re-entry Specialist Goal: Help jail clients as they re-integrate into Boulder County’s community by establishing stability and accessing community resources such as food assistance, medical assistance, housing, mental health care, positive social/leisure activities, and collaborate with community providers to help clients meet goals, problem-solve during these processes, and help create pathways by which clients are more able to integrate into the community post-incarceration. This will include developing relationships with clients both while they are incarcerated and ongoing support as they transition to the community. In addition, developing relationships with community partners in order to better resource clients will be an important part of this role as well.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Typical work tasks:

-Meet clients new to re-entry and assist with basic needs such as obtaining a birth certificate, identification card, applications for public assistance programs such as Medicaid, food assistance, housing assistance, etc.

-Support clients who are job searching assisting with job applications, resumés, interview skills, etc.

-Build relationships with community resource providers and help establish pathways for clients to access services with greater ease.

-Connect clients with other community resource providers for needs such as childcare assistance, emergency

clothing or food, employment training, elder services, etc.

-Transport adult clients to appointments such as meetings for public assistance, job interviews,

mental health appointments, etc.

Supervision for academic program interns in this position would be provided by CJS staff as available.

Qualifications and Requirements:


Must be 21, a college senior or completed BA in a behavioral health field related to criminal justice, social work, psychology, sociology or similar. This is not a counseling grad student internship.

-Demonstrated maturity, good boundaries, and solid communication skills.

– Minimum 9-month commitment; 12-15 hours of service each week in the Boulder County Jail and in the community.

-Valid driver’s license and current insurance – No DUI/DWAI within past 5 years. Must be approved by Risk Management.

-Submit a full application with resume and references. Screening process, formal interview. Agree to background check and fingerprinting. Sign a confidentiality agreement and other policies. Attend all initial trainings/orientations.

-Have some flexibility in schedule to drive clients to appointments, explain resources, discuss stability priorities, connect client with needed resources and create a relationship with them to promote success as they re-enter our community.

-Be passionate about equity for post-incarcerated members of our community.

-Ability and keen interest in working with individuals in the criminal justice system


Bilingual in Spanish and English.

Understanding of mental illness and substance use disorders and the impact it has on a person’s life.

Understanding of security issues surrounding clients in a detention setting.

Understanding of trauma and trauma-informed practices.

Training Dates and Information:

Trainings include a mandatory jail safety training and shadowing.


Mary Eldred

Justice System Volunteer Program (JSVP)


Application Process:

Please email Mary Eldred, Justice System Volunteer Program Coordinator, with your interest.

Submit the online application (it will be sent to you individually).

Provide three academic, avocational or professional references, resume and personal statement.

Background check and fingerprinting are required. Lived experience can be a value asset, and each applicant is vetted on a case-by-case basis. Not all applicants may be approved.

Interview, approval and training by JET program manager.