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Volunteer Opportunity

Native Seed Garden Steward

Opportunity Type: Ongoing Volunteer Opportunity
Department: Parks & Open Space
Category: Open Space, Environment, and Gardening
Time Commitment & Minimum Age: Commit to at least one season of stewardship (April – October). Must be at least 18 years of age or accompanied by an adult.
Program Summary:

Volunteers assist Parks & Open Space plant ecologists in maintaining the Peck Native Seed Garden, a ¼ acre, agricultural-style native seed increase effort for use in ecological restoration. Volunteers regularly visit the garden for weeding and general maintenance, seed collection, occasional plant harvest, and other duties as necessary.

Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Visit the garden for group weeding / maintenance sessions.
  • Typically Wednesday mornings from 8–11 a.m. Times may vary depending on season and weather.
  • Join group sessions at least twice per month or as assigned.
Native seed garden
Qualifications and Requirements:
  • Must be at least 18 years of age, or accompanied by an adult.
  • Must have personal transportation.
  • Ability to identify common, noxious and invasive weed species following training from volunteer coordinator.
  • Must be in good physical shape, with ability to bend, squat or kneel for an extended period.
  • Abide by all open space rules and regulations, and set an example for other park visitors.
Training Dates and Information:
  • Attend a training session on Wednesday, April 24, 9 a.m.-noon.
  • Commit to at least one season of stewardship (April – October; depending on weather).
  • Help maintain the garden at least twice per month or as assigned by coordinator.

Carrie Cimo

Application Process:

This position is not accepting applications at this time.

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