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Volunteer Opportunity

Internship – Probation Navigator – Social Work students

Application or Registration Deadline: 06/17/2022
Project Start Date: Mon, May 23, 2022 12:00 am
Project End Date: Fri, May 23, 2025 12:00 am
Opportunity Type: Ongoing Volunteer Opportunity
Department: Community Services
Time Commitment & Minimum Age: 6 months or longer. 19 minimum age

Boulder County Justice Center

20th Judicial District Probation Office

1777 6th St.

Boulder, CO 80302

Program Summary:

Probation Resource Guide Interns/Volunteers work closely with various probation clients throughout their involvement with probation. These assistants will help clients in accessing community resources, collaborate with community providers to help clients meet goals, problem-solve during these processes, and help create pathways by which probation-involved clients are more able to integrate in to the community post-incarceration. This will include developing relationships with clients and service providers in the community.

Our Objective: Find well-boundaried, mature, passionate volunteers and interns who can act as guides for probationers as they integrate back into our community. These volunteers and interns will be matched with clients on an as-needed basis or offer resource-related office hours to guide probation clients through various community resource processes.
Some assistants may establish a regular case-load of certain clients with significant needs or may choose to serve as a regular guide for a frequent need, such as identification documents, where they can establish competency and efficiently assist clients through that process.
Our Goal: Help probationers as they integrate into Boulder County’s community by establishing stability and accessing community resources such as food assistance, medical assistance, housing, mental health care, positive social/leisure activities, etc.


We meet with probation clients and act with respect and hope as guides connecting clients to various community resources and services. Through their guidance and problem-solving, probation-involved clients will be more able to meet their basic needs and work toward larger goals such as employment and education goals. As the program continues, volunteer guides will help identify potential pathways for larger probation initiatives such as engaging and supporting private businesses to employ probation clients, creating housing initiatives for probation clients, etc.

If you meet basic requirements in this description, please send email of inquiry requesting the instructions and online link to the application form to:
Mary Eldred
Justice System Volunteer Program

se habla español

Duties and Responsibilities:

-Meet clients who are new to probation and assist with basic needs such as obtaining a birth certificate or identification card.
-Assist clients with applications for public assistance programs such as Medicaid, food assistance, housing assistance, etc.
-Support juvenile and adult clients who are job searching assisting with job applications, resumés, interview skills, etc.
-Build relationships with community resource providers and help establish pathways for probation-involved clients to access services with greater ease.
-Connect clients with other community resource providers for needs such as childcare assistance, emergency
clothing or food, employment training, elder services, etc. -Transport juvenile and adult clients to appointments such as meetings for public assistance, job interviews, mental health appointments, etc.

Qualifications and Requirements:

-Demonstrated maturity, good boundaries, and solid communication skills. Non-judgmental.
-6-month commitment (prefer longer), with a minimum of 5 hours of service each week.
-Valid driver’s license and current insurance (not required during COVID as driving clients is not happening due to virus safety measures).
-No DUI/DWAI within past 5 years
-Screening interview, then formal interview if merited.
-Agree to background check and if approved, fingerprinting.
-Sign confidentiality agreement and other Boulder County policy agreements.
-Attend initial trainings and orientations, either in a cohort or individually as needed.
-Have some flexibility in schedule (depending on COVID Public Health policies) to drive probationers to appointments, explain resources, discuss stability priorities, connect client with needed resources and create a relationship with them to promote success as they re-enter our community (driving not required during COVID).
-Be passionate about equity for post-incarcerated members of our community.

Training Dates and Information:

Training is tailored to each intern. The supervisor will meet with you to discuss training and scheduling according to your school/workload.

Additional Information:

This is an unpaid internship or volunteer opportunity. If you would like to volunteer without school credit, please use this same information to apply!


Mary Eldred

Justice System Volunteer Program Coordinator

se habla español

303-441-3718 (leave message)

Application Process:

After reading this post thoroughly and meeting basic requirements, contact Mary Eldred at for an online application link and instructions.

NOTE: The online application form I would send you is unique to the Justice System Volunteer Program. Do not use other applications posted on the website.

Submit complete application, including verified accurate email addresses for references, uploaded resume and electronically signing that you have read and will abide by the attached policies at the bottom of the form.

Once I receive your references, I will run a background check. If approved, I will forward all documentation to the supervisor of interns for the Probation Navigator program.

The Supervisor will reach out to you with next steps if you are chosen to continue in the process. This is a competitive, valuable and meaningful internship position and unfortunately not all applicants will be chosen to interview. We appreciate your interest and hope to receive your application if you meet basic requirements.

If chosen to intern, prior to your start date you will be scheduled for on-site fingerprinting at Community Justice Services (in the Justice Center), have a photo taken for an ID and sign a Fingerprint Agreement form. Your start date will be discussed between you and the Probation Navigator Supervisor.

This position works with staff during a Monday-Friday 8-am-5pm work week.