Stage 1 fire restrictions, enacted for unincorporated areas of western Boulder County.

Tree Trimming

Who trims the trees that block signs or overhang the roadway?

Boulder County Road Maintenance will trim trees and branches when the tree or bush is within the county right-of-way. If limbs or bushes overhang in the roadway and are from a tree on private property, it is the owner’s responsibility to keep them trimmed so that they do not obstruct signs or overhang the roadway. Tree branches should be maintained with a minimum clearance of 18-inches from the face of a street sign. Property owners who fail to maintain trees may be charged the cost of cleanup if Road Maintenance completes the work. Please notify Public Works Road Maintenance as soon as possible if signs are obstructed or overhanging branches are a hazard. Reports can be made using our online form or by calling 303-441-3962.

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