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Road Maintenance – Snow Removal

Road Maintenance Snow Removal

Each road in Boulder County is assigned a snow removal priority. These designations are adopted by resolution of the Board of County
Commissioners to maximize the effectiveness of county snow removal operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why doesn’t the snow plow arrive at the same time after every storm?
    • There are many factors that affect when a snow plow will reach your location. Snow intensity, icy conditions, wind, temperature, equipment break-downs and employee staffing, as well as other uncontrollable variables, will affect our normal schedules. If the snow plow is more than four hours late, please give us a call to report the problem, as a substitute driver may have been used who was not familiar with the area.
  • The snow plow always leaves a windrow in front of my driveway. Why can’t the snow plow angle the plow or stop and clear the windrow from my driveway?
    • In order to clear the roadway, snow must be plowed to each side of the road. This, of course, leaves a windrow, which is difficult for our drivers to control. In order for our drivers to provide the most efficient and cost-effective snow removal, continuous movement is required. There are approximately 22,000 driveways on Boulder County’s plow routes, and therefore it would be nearly impossible for drivers to stop and clear each driveway entrance. Safety is also an issue, snow plows have limited rear visibility, and clearing each driveway would require the driver to back the truck up, putting children, animals, and other vehicles at risk of not being seen by the driver.
  • Why won’t the Postal Service deliver our mail because of a windrow or because the road has not been plowed?
    • Postal Service regulations stipulate that snow removal in front of the mailbox is the owner’s responsibility. While our crews make every effort to clear shoulders of snow as soon as possible, our first priority is opening up all roads to traffic.
  • Why are there signs on the snow plows that say stay back 200 feet?
    • There are several reasons for the signs, and all are related to your safety. Plows often create a cloud of snow behind them, and the operators cannot see you in their mirrors if you are closer than 200 feet. Meanwhile, the plow is also sanding the road and the sand could damage your windshield if you are closer than 200 feet. Boulder County is not responsible for damage to your vehicle if you follow the plow closer than 200 feet.
  • Why does the driver plow our main road but then leave without plowing side roads until a later time?
    • All roads within the Boulder County system are assigned a snow removal priority. High volume roads and school bus routes have a high priority and are completed first. Lower-volume roads and local-access roads are plowed once major routes are open. This system allows us to use county resources and manpower to open roads to the largest number of users.
  • After roads are cleared, when are they swept of excess sand, gravel and other traction control materials?
    • Sweepers are dispatched as soon as conditions allow. The county has three sweepers in its fleet, which makes it difficult to clean all roads in the network in a timely manner. Regional Air Quality requirements state that the county must sweep high-volume roadways first, then proceed to other main roads throughout the county. After roads are cleaned, bicycle routes and road shoulders are the next priority.

Boulder County Road Maintenance conducts snow removal operations on unincorporated county roads

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