Stage 1 fire restrictions, enacted for unincorporated areas of western Boulder County.

Adopt-A-County Road

Modeled after a national program, the Adopt-A-County Road program began in 1990 as a way to keep roadways litter-free. The program has grown to:

  • approximately 1000 volunteers
  • 80 groups
  • 138 miles of roadway cleaned.

Volunteers find the program to be a positive experience that allows their group to interact with each other and their community.

To learn more about joining the program, please visit the “How to start” tab, or send us an email.

Thank you to Western Disposal Services for their continued support with the Adopt-A-Road Program.

Follow these steps to join the Boulder County Adopt-A-Road program:

1. Ensure your organization can meet the Adopt-A-Road requirements:

  • Minimum of a one year commitment with at least two reported cleanups a year
  • Complete volunteer waiver form for all volunteers
  • Correspond with the Transportation Department as needed
  • Meet the policies and procedures of the program

2. Check to see what roads are available. The following roads are currently available:

  • Ridge Road from Hurricane Hill to Cold Springs – 1.9 miles long
  • 119th: Arapahoe North to Erie City Limits – 1.2 miles long
  • Lefthand Canyon Drive from Mile Marker 10 to Mile Marker 13 – 3 miles long
  • Jay: 28th to 51st – 1.3 miles long
  • Valmont Road: 75th-95th – 2 miles long
  • 79th Street Mineral to Niwot – 1 mile long

3. Review and Complete: Adopt-A-County Road Application Packet and email it to

4. Organize your volunteers, and have them:

5. Set cleanup dates. These can be scheduled independently of the Department of Transportation at your organization’s convenience. You must have two every year. More details are in the Welcome Packet.

6. Clean up your section. Please follow all policies and procedures as outlined in the Welcome Packet.

7. Report your cleanups through our Accomplishment Form.

  • Photos of volunteers who have completed the Photo Release Form are always appreciated so Boulder County can continue to promote this great program!

8. Upkeep your forms

  • Ensure any new volunteers follow step 5
  • If anything changes, please reach out the Transportation Department

9. Let us know if you want to continue. Once your commitment period has ended, please confirm with the Boulder County Transportation Department if you would like to continue or end your adoption by sending us an email.

All Volunteers Must Watch The Meth Lab Recognition Video

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Questions about the Boulder County Adopt-A-Road Program? Send us an email or give us a call 303-441-3900.

Interested in the Adopt-A-Highway Program through the Colorado Department of Transportation? Visit the Colorado Adopt-A-Highway website.

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