Room For the River

In response to the 2013 flood event, in 2017-18, Boulder County Transportation completed an investigation into the feasibility of creating a long-term flood-related mitigation program that built on the efforts of the county’s post-flood Voluntary Property Acquisition Program, also known as the “buy-out program.”

This effort was aimed at increasing the protection of county residents’ life, health, and property. Additional goals of this and other flood mitigation work include:

  • Promotion of habitat and ecosystem preservation
  • Improved water quality
  • Mitigation of the need for extensive response and recovery operation following future flood events

Through the investigation, the county further refined the potential components of a voluntary construction mitigation program to provide property owners with flood mitigation options including property acquisition and more, such as structure relocation and elevation. A planning document was developed to provide recommendations for the program’s framework, including strategies, staffing, and outreach components.