County Roadway Chip Seal Program

Annual chip sealing operations will start on Tuesday, June 7. See roads below.


Chip sealing work consists of applying asphalt to a road surface followed by a layer of one-quarter inch chips that essentially create a new layer on top of the road. A week after the chips are applied, crews return to the area to apply a sealant designed to help the chips adhere to the road. Finally, the sealant is followed by roadway striping operations. See to the right to view pictures of the process.

See a map of the roads below. Planned order of operations:

  • 119th Street from Oxford Road to the county line
  • 115th Street from Oxford Road to Niwot Road and on to East County Line Road
  • Isabelle Road from 95th Street to US 287
  • Valmont Road from 75th to 95th street
  • Jay Road from 63rd to 75th street
  • Lookout Road from 75th street to US 287
  • Somerset and Longview Road in Niwot
  • 73rd/75th Streets from Niwot Road to CO Highway 66
  • N. 1115th from CO Highway 66 to Yellowstone Road

Chip sealing operations are part of the county’s primary network roadway rehabilitation plan. The process is intended to extend the lifespan of the roadway and postpone larger reconstruction efforts that would require more expensive work and longer travel restrictions. Primary network county roads are typically chip sealed every six to eight years.

The road will be a bit rougher than normal for a few weeks, but the vehicles driving on the road soon crush the chips down making for a smooth ride that will help the road last a lot longer than it normally would have.

To help cyclists, Boulder County uses a 1/4-inch chip instead of the typical 1/2-inch chip on the surface of the road. This greatly enhances rideability and helps the road smooth out quicker.

Chip sealing will start on Tuesday, June 7 and will last into July 2022. Work takes place between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Check the closures and constructions page for updates about current road projects.

For more information on the work, contact Andrew Barth, at or 303-441-1032.

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